2004–05 NHL lockout

For the same film from the year 2012 see Lockout (film )

Lockout is the English term for lockout. It is used occasionally in the German language, to denote corresponding actions in North American professional sports, for example in the NBA or NHL.

A lockout is an action on the part of the team owners in the U.S. sports (similar to the German lockout in the right to strike ). Unlike in Europe, basic contract details between players and clubs are drawn up by a players' union and representatives of the league clubs. Among other things, salary caps and publicity rights, the player shall be imposed. Can not agree, the parties may come to strike individual players or the league may impose a lockout, which can lead to a shortened season or for the cancellation of the entire season.


  • In the NHL: 1994/95 - During today said game time " Lockout Season", the team owners and the players union NHLPA could not agree on the renewal of the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement. All 38 Inter- conference games so fell out, and the regular season had only 48 games. The European clubs benefited from this lockout, because many NHL players, meanwhile, played in Europe.
  • 2004/ 05 - When players and clubs could agree on a new treaty, was made on 15 September 2004 that the season would take place in 2004 /05 at most greatly shortened, which is why this season many NHL professionals to European clubs changed. On 16 February 2005, the NHL Commissioner (Commissioner ) Gary Bettman gave ultimately the entire season canceled known. Then there were new negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA to unsubscribe completely next season can. These negotiations were successful on 13 July, when both parties were able to agree.
  • 2012/13 - When players and clubs before the expiry of the collective agreement of 2005 could not agree on a new, team owners locked the players out on 15 September 2012.
  • 2011 - After the two parties in March 2011 could not agree on a new contract, the NFL imposed a lockout. On July 25, 2011, both parties were able to agree on a 10 - year contract.