2004–05 NHL season

The NHL season 2004/ 05 would have been the 88th season of the National Hockey League. However, after several months of strike ( lockout ) was canceled the entire season by Commissioner Gary Bettman on 16 February 2005. This was in the history of U.S. sport, the first cancellation of an entire season in a professional league. The Stanley Cup was not played for the first time since the 1918/19 season, when the final series had to be canceled due to the Spanish flu.

The bone of contention was the phasing out of the " Collective Bargaining Agreement ", which had been renewed during the last lockout in the 1994/95 season and ended on the 15th of September 2004. The most important requirement in the renewal of the Agreement by the club owner was the introduction of a " salary cap " that the players' union NHLPA just as vehemently excluded, as the owner insisted on its introduction. As envisioned, the club owners, players salaries should have total more than $ 40 million.

Many of the NHL players played during the strike for unterklassige teams, such as the American Hockey League - as the total loss of the season was brewing, but changed about 400 players with good pay and get-out clause in the event of a launch of gaming operations after Europe. First of all clubs from Sweden (78 player), Russia ( 77), Czech Republic ( 51 ) and Finland ( 35) reinforced with the free stars, but also clubs from Germany (26 ), Austria (10 ) and Switzerland (21 ) and Slovakia ( 13) reach many obligations.





  • HC Slovan Bratislava: Miroslav Šatan ( Buffalo Sabres ), Lubomir Višňovský (Los Angeles Kings )
  • HKm Zvolen: Michal Handzuš ( Philadelphia Flyers ), Richard Zedník ( Montreal Canadiens ), Vladimír Országh ( Nashville Predators )
  • HC Dukla Trenčín: Pavol Demitra (St. Louis Blues ), Marián Gáborík ( Minnesota Wild ), Marian Hossa (Detroit Red Wings ), Branislav Mezei (Florida Panthers )
  • HC Kosice: Jiří Bicek (New Jersey Devils ), Martin Cibak (Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • Poprad: Radoslav Suchy ( Columbus Blue Jackets )