Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals ( IPA: [ wɒʃɪŋtən kæp.ɪ.təls ] ) is an American ice hockey franchise of the National Hockey League from Washington, DC It was founded on June 11, 1974 and took to the start of the season 1974/75 on the game mode. The team colors are red, navy blue and white.

The Capitals play their home games at the Verizon Center, and went forth out of the league expansion of the late 1960s and early 1970s. After the team started with an NHL - worst record of 67 defeats in 80 games this season in the league, the team stabilized in the 1980s and has always been represented in the playoffs. At the beginning of the new millennium was a renewed depth, although the team penetrated in the 1997/98 season until the final series for the prestigious Stanley Cup, but there missed the first title.

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Together with the Kansas City Scouts, the Washington Capitals were recorded in 1974 in the NHL as an expansion team. Since the competition league World Hockey Association had for two years and thus existed 30 highly professional teams, the squad consisted of the Capitals of only a few experienced players. Similarly, they completed their first season and set a new record of 67 defeats in 80 games. However, the Kansas City Scouts began only marginally better in their first year in the NHL.


Not much better it was in the other seasons of the seventies and beginning of the next decade was the descent for the Capitals on. After the Kansas City Scouts were relocated to Colorado and just six years later to New Jersey in 1976, the owners of the capital came in the summer of 1982 also thought the team to relocate to another region. This led to a campaign by fans who wanted to keep the franchise necessarily in the capital. But the problem was solved by two things.

Firstly, David Poile was engaged as general manager, on the other hand was one of his first acts a spectacular transfer. He gave the established player Ryan Walter and Rick Green to the Montreal Canadiens and got Rod Langway, Brian Engblom, Doug Jarvis and Craig Laughlin. Supported by the new players to the team and by the already belonging Dennis Maruk, Mike Gartner, and Bobby Carpenter, the capital was the first time the playoffs and thus keep the team in Washington in the 1982/83 season.

In the following 14 years, the Capitals could still qualify for the playoffs. However, despite this success, the team disappointed over the years, the fans frequently. In the regular season they presented themselves often very well and often went into the playoffs as one of the competitors for the Stanley Cup, but only once they were able to survive the second round. These were characterized by Langway, Gartner, Carpenter, Larry Murphy, Kevin Hatcher, Dino Ciccarelli and then some.


The mid-nineties they had with Joé Juneau, Peter Bondra, Sergei Gonchar and the German goalkeeper Olaf Kolzig, rising stars in their ranks, but in 1997 they missed the first time after a long time the playoffs. But this year it should be the most successful so far. As the fifth- best team they qualified for the playoffs and threw in the first round, the Boston Bruins out. In the second round was followed by a relatively one-sided series about five games against the Ottawa Senators, who decided the Capitals for themselves. In the Eastern Conference finals they faced the Buffalo Sabres, who they defeated 4-2. It was followed by the Stanley Cup final against defending champion Detroit Red Wings. Led by Dale Hunter, they tried to come against the big-name -studded team, but did not succeed. The first two games in Detroit they lost narrowly, but after the Capitals also lost their first home game with 1-2, they stood with their backs to the wall. In the fourth game Washington could no longer hold, however, and also lost the fourth game, this time relatively clear with 1-4. Detroit had defended his title, Washington missed a great opportunity.

1998/99 but was again a disappointment, because you did not make it into the playoffs. The following two years but you could by two first-place finishes in the Southeast Division to move back to the finals, but failed both times to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round.


In summer 2001, the Capitals scored a coup when they agreed superstar Jaromir Jagr. However, we missed the playoffs. In 2002, the Capitals committed the veteran Robert Lang as reinforcement and also reached the playoffs again. The series began with two wins for Washington, but this was still lost 2-4.

During the 2003/ 04 season, the Capitals gave off some of their stars. Jagr went to the New York Rangers, Peter Bondra to Ottawa, Sergei Gonchar to the Dallas Stars and Robert Lang was transferred to the Detroit Red Wings. The transfer of Lang was unique in the history of the NHL, because never the player who led the league in points was transferred during a season. The team finished the season off with only 59 points. This was the worst result for 26 years.

Fresh start with young talent

In the NHL Entry Draft 2004, the Capitals were the first team to pick a player and opted for Alexander Ovechkin. But in the coming season, the young Russian could not be used because the 2004/05 season was canceled because of the lockout. Ovechkin played in his time in his home along with Alexander Syomin, who was two years earlier selected by the Capitals in the Entry Draft.

The 2005/06 season ended for the Capitals back in last place of the Southeast Division and thus far away from the playoffs. However, the performance of the team showed up. There were many close games and some players could look at the numbers fro the year even as their best season. Dainius Zubrus managed with 57 points, a personal best, Jeff Halpern ready 33 goals against, and thus more than in any other year and Matt Pettinger could first reach the 20 - goal mark.

But the player who is all in the shade was, Alexander Ovechkin, who played his first year in Washington. He met 52 times and prepared 54 goals, which gave him 106 points, a value that only two rookies could excel in NHL history. Ovechkin was in the season 's third- leading scorer and scorer of the league and was also nominated for the Lester B. Pearson Award, which is awarded to the best player in the NHL. However, the Calder Memorial Trophy as the best rookie league, he could decide for himself and stabbed while Sidney Crosby and Dion Phaneuf from.

In the summer of 2006 left team captain Jeff Halpern, the capital. Alexander Syomin, who had played in Russia 2005/ 06, came back to Washington and Richard Zedník the Capitals joined by five and a half years in Montreal again.

In the 2006/07 season the team's performance has stagnated and you missed the playoffs again. Young star Alexander Ovechkin, the season started out strong and made with compatriot Alexander Syomin a very good attacking partnership, but later he did not play consistent enough, nevertheless came at the end on 46 goals and 46 templates. In general, the team was not positioned well enough in width. Ovechkin with 92 points and 73 Syomin with the expectations were fair, but behind them was down to team captain Chris Clark more than 40 points scorer.

The general management of the Capitals hopes to season 2007/ 08 to undertake some good contract players to expand the base of the team. In addition to the strengthen the team in the NHL Entry Draft 2006, selected Swedish talent Nicklas Bäckström. During the summer break, the Capitals defenseman Tom Poti committed, Center Michael Nylander and the Russian winger Viktor Kozlov three experienced NHL professionals. Through these commitments, and the gain by the Swedish talent Nicklas Bäckström the Capitals reached by a curious catch-up, combined with a coaching change, the first-time participation in the play-offs since the 2003/ 04 season, also moved with Sergei Fedorov of the Columbus Blue Jackets shortly before the end of the transfer window, another experienced NHL players in the capital. In the play-offs they eventually failed already in the first round with 3:4 games to the Philadelphia Flyers, but the winning goal for the Flyers in the seventh game was there only in the extension. Alexander Ovechkin was in the regular season leading scorer with 112 points and top scorer in the NHL with 65 hits, which also meant the record for a left winger. Ovechkin got four coveted trophies this season and was voted MVP.

Establishment as a top team

As in the previous season, the Washington Capitals completed the regular season 2008/ 09 as the winner of the Southeast Division. After the Capitals were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, the New York Rangers in seven games, it came in the Conference semi-finals in a duel with the Pittsburgh Penguins to the meeting of the two superstars Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. Washington failed with 3:4 after seven games on the later Stanley Cup winner.

In the 2009/10 season, the Capitals took a new approach to the Stanley Cup. In the regular season, the Capitals enjoyed a banner year, qualified as the first team for the play- offs and reached 121 points to win the Eastern Conference and winning the President's Trophy as point- best team in the regular season. The yield of 121 points are the third best result since the prize will be awarded in 1986, only the Detroit Red Wings managed to achieve more points in 1996 and 2006. With Alexander Ovechkin and Niklas Backstrom, the Capitals also had two players in the top four of the Topscorerliste. In the play-offs, the Capitals failed despite the success in the regular season with the Montreal Canadiens at 3:4 in the first round.


The Capitals play their home games since 1997 at the Verizon Center, a 18,277 -seat multi-purpose arena, from. Built and opened the hall was under the name MCI Center, which she wore from 1997 to 2006. Currently, the telecommunications company Verizon Communications, which was shopping in the existing contract with MCI holds the naming rights to the arena. This will last until 2017. The company paid 44 million U.S. dollars. Inspired by the sponsor, located in China Town Hall often called " Phone Booth " (Eng. phone) is called. In the Verizon Center, the first true high-definition scoreboard was installed in 2007.

From 1974 to 1997, the club played in 1973 opened Capital Centre, the Hockey events at a capacity of 18,130 seats has. The often referred to as U.S. Airways Arena or USAir Arena titled Capital Centre was located in Largo in the U.S. state of Maryland, just outside Washington, DC From the outset, the Capitals shared the hall with the Washington Bullets, a basketball team in the National Basketball Association.

Farm team

The Capitals, like all other NHL teams, including teams in niederklassigeren leagues, so-called farm teams. In the case of capital, these are the Hershey Bears in the American Hockey League and since 2004, the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL since 2005. The farm team in the NHL often used to prepare the young players and rookies to the NHL games. The young relate the Capitals here, as the other clubs, especially about the NHL Entry Draft, on the annual get the most promising young players in the league.

The farm team of the Washington Capitals since 1974:


Away Kit (since 2007)

News jersey design

In addition to all of the clubs in the league relevant equipment change, the season also introduced in 2007/ 08 for the Capitals return to the old team logo and the old club colors of red, white and blue. 1996, these traditional colors in black, blue and bronze changed and a new logo had been introduced. Under the rules of the NHL since 2003 home jersey has a dark, be designed in the away shirt in a bright color. For the equipment of the Capitals, this means that the team competes at home games in red, at away games in white jerseys. As a side colors the other team colors are used on both jerseys.

The chest of the NHL Jerseys is traditionally determined by the team logos on the shoulders bear the Capitals also the alternative Logo depicting an eagle.

Achievements and honors

Sporting successes

Long it had lasted until the Capitals founded in 1974, were the first of their division finish a season. For dominant were the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Islanders, to this in the 1988/89 season for the first time succeeded.

Nine years later, reached Washington as the representative of the Eastern Conference finals for the Stanley Cup. For this, they received the Prince of Wales Trophy. Against the Detroit Red Wings, they remained a chance in the final series and lost the series in four games smoothly.

In the following years, the Capitals won six times further the division title of the Southeast Division.

Individual Awards

Art Ross Trophy: Alexander Ovechkin won the 2008 first player the Capitals the trophy as the best scorer in the NHL.

  • 2008 - Alexander Ovechkin

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy: Jose Theodore won in 2010 the first player the Capitals the trophy for perseverance, dedication and fairness in and for the Hockey.

  • 2010 - José Théodore

Calder Memorial Trophy: As Top Rookie League won the 2006 Alexander Ovechkin for the first time a player from Washington.

  • 2006 - Alexander Ovechkin

Frank J. Selke Trophy: The award for the best defensive attacker got Doug Jarvis 1984.

Hart Memorial Trophy: Alexander Ovechkin was the first player who received the award from the Professional Hockey Writers' Association award as the most valuable player during the regular season.

  • 2008 - Alexander Ovechkin
  • 2009 - Alexander Ovechkin
  • 2013 - Alexander Ovechkin

Jack Adams Award: From whipping boy to a playoff participants Bryan Murray made the team from Washington. In 1984 he was selected for the best coach. Similar succeeded nearly a quarter of a century later Bruce Boudreau, who still led the team from 15th place in the Conference for the Division title.

James Norris Memorial Trophy: For the Montréal club management Rod Langway had brought and with its strength in defense of the upward trend of the Capitals was rung. 1983 and 1984 he was the best defender in the NHL.

King Clancy Memorial Trophy for his community involvement, particularly in the study of autism and the treatment of autistic children, Olaf Kolzig was awarded in 2006.

  • 2006 - Olaf Kolzig

Lester B. Pearson Award / Ted Lindsay Award: Alexander Ovechkin was the first player to receive this award awarded by the players union.

  • 2008 - Alexander Ovechkin
  • 2009 - Alexander Ovechkin
  • 2010 - Alexander Ovechkin

Maurice Richard Trophy: 2008 Alexander Ovechkin became the first player of the franchise, awarded since 1999 trophy for the top scorer in the NHL. Even before the introduction of the trophy was with Peter Bondra in 1995 and 1998, a player the Capitals top scorer in the league have been.

  • 2008 - Alexander Ovechkin
  • 2009 - Alexander Ovechkin
  • 2013 - Alexander Ovechkin

NHL Foundation Player Award:

  • 2001 - Olaf Kolzig

Vezina Trophy: In his second season Jim Carey was named the best goalkeeper in the NHL. But the talented goalkeeper could not save constant in the future this service. Long-term success was by Olaf Kolzig, who in 2000 voted the best goalkeeper here.

William M. Jennings Trophy for the third year in the NHL awarded this trophy to the goalkeeper with least goals conceded, was the team from Washington winners.

NHL All- Rookie Team: The first award, which was awarded a player from Washington, 1983 was the appointment of Scott Stevens to the All- Rookie Team.

NHL All-Star Game nominations

Note: GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points

From the ranks of the Capitals 22 field players and two goalkeepers were in the squad one of the two All-Star teams. The fielder came to 39 missions in which they reach ten goals and 24 templates. The goalkeeper bring three additional inserts with a. Two Rookies of the Capitals were the cadres of Young Stars Game, which was played from 2002 to 2009.

With five appearances for the Capitals Peter Bondra is the player who can look back on the most appearances in the history of the team. With eight points Alexander Ovechkin is the most successful player. He is also the top scorer with five goals.

The All -Star Game 1975 Denis Dupéré was the first player, who participated for Washington. He succeeded in this game a template. Only at the All-Star Game 1985 Mike Gartner scored the first hit in an All -Star Game. It has never supervised a coach of the Capitals an All -Star team.

With Brian Sutherby (2004) once was a player of the Capitals most valuable player of the Young Stars games.

In addition to the All-Star game there was another occasion where the NHL put an All -Star team. At the Challenge Cup 1979 Player of the Capitals was nominated Robert Picard, but came to no use. For the Rendez -vous '87 where the team played in the NHL again against the Soviet national team, a player of the Capitals was taken into account with Rod Langway. He came in two games for use.

Franchise Records

The following players selected records of the franchise will be listed on both the entire career as well as on individual seasons.


* Active player; Stand by end 2010/11 season



Abbreviations: GC = Matches, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, OTL = Losses after Overtime, Pts = Points, Win % win rate =

* Change during the current season

The first coach of the Capitals, Jim Anderson looked before his involvement in the capital back to seven games in the NHL and a few years as a coach in the Minor Leagues. The team was not and after get him NHL -ready under Anderson in the first 54 games, only four victories, was with Red Sullivan a coach obliged, who had two seasons guided an NHL team. 18 games gave him time club management, of which he denied two victorious, after the separation took place. General Manager Milt Schmidt then took over the team itself. During the following season he signed with Tom McVie a new coach. He managed the team for two seasons more about this season. Like most of his predecessors had Danny Belisle no experience as a trainer in the NHL before he came to the capital. After an average season they separated after a weak start to the season by him. His successor, Gary Green had previously been coach of the year in the junior league Ontario Hockey Association, the Capitals but he could not perform in the playoffs. Was dismissed as Green, the Capitals were in upheaval. Roger Crozier took over as assistant to the general manager for a game the coach office before with Bryan Murray a coach was hired, who had a long term future in Washington.

Murray was the first manager to lead the team into the playoffs. His success made ​​him nine years stay in office. His successor, Terry Murray was changed in the last year of his career with the Capitals. After the end of the active career he was at first an assistant coach in Washington and later took over the farm team in Baltimore. After the dismissal of Terry Murray Bryan Murray took over the team. By early 1994, he remained with the Capitals. He was replaced by Jim Schoenfeld, who had previously coached the Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils in the NHL. After he had missed the first time to participate in the playoffs for the fourth year, he had to leave Washington. The Capitals committed Ron Wilson, who had performed well in Anaheim before. Wilson reached in the five seasons, he remained in office, three times the playoffs and led the capital city in its first year to the final series for the Stanley Cup.

According to Wilson, the Capitals were only represented once headed by Bruce Cassidy in the final round, but failed in the first round. Under the unsuccessful Glen Hanlon, who was sacked in the 2007/ 08 season after a slow start, they did not reach the playoffs. His successor Bruce Boudreau led the team to first division title since 2001 and was eliminated in the playoffs just in the first round.

General Manager

* Change during the current season

Milt Schmidt was the first general manager of the Capitals, and assisted the team in his first years, but during the second season, he was replaced by Max McNab. David Poile, the fourth general manager held this position for fifteen years. He had previously gained experience several years with the Atlanta Flames. Under Poile, the first successes came one in the capital. For the season 1997 /98 on George McPhee took this position. The former assistant to Pat Quinn at the Vancouver Canucks rolled to the team completely, reaching in his first year with the Capitals the finals for the Stanley Cup. In the following years he had varying success in Washington.


Squad of the 2013/14 season

As of December 3, 2013

Team captains

In the history of the Washington Capitals, there have been 13 different players who held the office of the team captain.

With 40 years of Doug Mohns was by far the oldest player in the squad, with the Capitals were in their first season. With his experience of more than 1,200 games, he was predestined for the position of team captain. After the end of the season, he finished his career and Bill Clement took over the office for 46 games until he left the team. Yvon Labre followed him and led the team with heart and temperament for almost three years. Only 21 years was Ryan Walter when he took over the task. When he was released after Montreal, came up with Rod Langway a leading player in return. He was chief in the defense and led the team so far unsuccessful in better times. He was eleven years the "C" on his jersey until he ended his career in 1993. He is the longest in office located captain of the Capitals. His successor, Kevin Hatcher was released after one season and Dale Hunter took over the position for five years. Another veteran captain was Adam Oates. After Steve Konowalchuk and Brendan Witt, the team remained for a time without a captain Jeff Halpern to after the lockout took office. From 2006 to Chris Clark wore despite many injuries the "C" on his jersey until he had to leave in December 2009 through a transfer business the club. Beginning of January 2010 Alexander Ovechkin has been appointed as the new captain.

Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame

So far, six players of the Washington Capitals were included in the located in Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame. These were striker Mike Gartner, who was the first Capitals player to receive class of 2001, the defender Rod Langway, Larry Murphy and Scott Stevens in the years 2001, 2004 and 2007, and Dino Ciccarelli in the Classroom, 2010. Last Adam Oates was in 2012 was added to the Hall of Fame.

An official of the Washington Capitals has not yet been induktiert into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Locked jersey numbers

In its franchise history, the Washington Capitals have been four jersey numbers officially closed, the last in December 2008. Moreover, another is no longer officially awarded.

For the first time with the jersey number 7 of Yvon Labre on November 7, 1981, a jersey number of the Washington Capitals officially closed. It was not until 16 years later, on 26 November 1997, the team was hanging with Rod Langways jersey number 5, another banner to the hall ceiling of the Capital Centre, the former venue. After moving to the current Verizon Center in December 1997, the jersey number 32 by Dale Hunter also has been banned on 11 March 2000. Another lockout took place on 28 December 2008, the number 11 by Mike Gartner.

Furthermore, the famous 99 Canadian Wayne Gretzky no longer awarded to a player, as it is officially closed since 6 February 2000 through the league.

Top 10 voting rights in the NHL Entry Draft

So far, the Washington Capitals could since NHL Amateur Draft 1974 16 players in the top ten right choose, including in the years 1974, 1976 and 2004 the first player of the entire draft.

Greg Joly and Rick Green were players who were 1974 and 1976 drawn as first -overall draft picks. Later, the Capitals selected with Robert Picard, Ryan Walter and Mike Gartner several players in Washington earned himself a starting berth. Mike Gartner, who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2001, had his share of the qualities Scorer cutting the Capitals, who moved seven times in a row in the playoffs. Center Bobby Carpenter and defender Scott Stevens were outstanding individual players, each three times won the Stanley Cup later with the New Jersey Devils. John Slaney and Nolan Baumgartner were the expectations are not fair and could not prevail in the capital.

Alexander Woltschkow, selected at the NHL Entry Draft in 1996, only played three games in the NHL. NHL Entry Draft 2004 later leading players was selected with Alexander Ovechkin, who is now one of the top players in the NHL. Also, the Swede Nicklas Bäckström 2006, selected battled quickly a regular place in the team and scored in the 2009/10 season for the first time more than 100 points.

Franchise -top points scorer

The ten best points scorer in the history of the franchise until the end of the regular season 2010/11 and the playoffs in 2011.

Abbreviations: Pos = Position, GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points P / G = Points per game

Regular Season