Lloydminster (City of Lloydminster ) is a city in the west of Canada.

It is located on the Yellowhead Highway, 251 km east of Edmonton and 275 kilometers west of Saskatoon. Through the town, the border of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Addresses east of 50th Avenue are located in Saskatchewan, those west of 50th Avenue in Alberta. Lloydminster has 27,795 inhabitants, of whom 18,032 in Alberta and Saskatchewan in 9772 to live (as of 2011 ).


Lloydminster is located in the Central Parkland Region, parkland in the transition zone between grassland in the south and boreal forest to the north. The area is characterized by flat moraine hills and managed for the most part agricultural. The provincial border runs through Lloydminster in north-south direction along the 50th Avenue. In contrast to the rest of the Saskatchewan Summer time is used in Lloydminster, making the watches in the entire city proceed by one hour during the summer time. This is a time difference to located in Alberta part of the city is avoided.


Lloydminster was founded in 1903 as a settlement of the Barr colonists, a group of English colonists, and named after the Reverend George Exton Lloyd, one of the leaders of the colonists.

The settlement was created directly on the fourth meridian of the Dominion Land Survey, a geographic classification system in Canada. The fourth meridian is almost the 110 west longitude, but is a few hundred meters to the west due to inaccuracies in the historical survey of it. As this 1905 Meridian was defined as the boundary of the new provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the city was first divided into two cities, but then reunited in 1930 to a city.

On 28 November 2008, the city in the area of ​​the Battle River by scientists at the University of Calgary fragments of an estimated 10 -ton meteorite have been found nearby. The meteorites are the remains of cars that had illuminated the sky over the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, on 20 November 2008.


The Barr Colony Heritage Cultural Centre houses among others the Richard Larsen Museum, dedicated to the history of the Barr Colonists, and the OTS Heavy Oil Science Center, where an exhibition on the science and history of oil is in the region.


Major factor in the economy is the oil production and oil industries. In addition, agriculture continues to play an important role. In the taxation of part of Lloydminster in Saskatchewan occupies a special position, as it is exempt from the levied by the province of Saskatchewan proportion of the tax. This is to create a balance, as in Alberta, no such share will be payable. Because in Alberta and the income tax rate is low but the population of Lloydminster still grows stronger in the part which is in Alberta. The city has its own airport with regular air traffic.

Sons and daughters of the town


Lloydminster is not the only municipality that is located in two provinces: the town of Flin Flon is located on the border between Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Similarly, the National Capital Region is located in Ontario and Quebec; this is, however, of two cities: Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.

Another difficulty is found in the determination of the time zone. In Alberta, one uses the Mountain Time (UTC -7), while the Central Time (UTC -6) uses in Saskatchewan. In addition, Alberta knows the summertime. For these reasons, it was decided that one takes the time Alberta. This has the consequence that despite different time zone used in the summer the same time as the rest of Saskatchewan, but in winter, despite himself province has a different time.

Phones in Lloydminster have the prefixes 306 and 639 ( Saskatchewan ), respectively. 780 and 587 ( Alberta). Postal codes of addresses on the Saskatchewan side begin with " S9V ," those on the Alberta side with " T9V ".