Providence Steamrollers

Providence Steam Rollers was the name of a U.S. basketball franchise from Providence, Rhode Iceland, who played from 1946 to 1949 in the BAA. The Steam Rollers were the last team, the team representing the state of Rhode Iceland in one of the four American professional leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL).


The Steam Rollers were one of the founding teams of the BAA and were Louis Pieri, the then owner of the Rhode Iceland 's Auditorium and of the local ice hockey team, the Providence Reds. In the first season, the season 1946-1947, the team posted 28 victories with the best record until the dissolution in 1949 and just missed the Knicks behind the play-offs. Furthermore managed Ernie Calverley even in the All- BAA Second Team and was the best passer of the ball BAA with 202 assists. In the following season, which did not play so well and was able to record only six wins, which is a record to this day NBA. Nevertheless, they had at least a higher profit rate than the Philadelphia 76ers in the season 1972-1973. During this season, the Steamrollers were able to obtain a new record, because Nat Hickey, the coach who took turns at the age of 46 years itself and is therefore still the oldest player who has ever played one NBA game. In its last season, the Steamrollers were able to double the number of their victories, after all, were but the last in the Eastern Division. On 3 August 1949, and the day on which the NBL merged with the BAA to the NBA, the Steamrollers dissolved.

Season statistics

Well-known former players

  • Ernie Calverley
  • Dino Martin
  • George Nostrand
  • Howie Shannon
  • Ken Sailors