Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team of North American professional basketball league NBA. Their home games wearing the franchise at the Quicken Loans Arena (even called "The Q") in Cleveland, Ohio. The home jersey is white, the away jerseys red and dark blue.


Beginnings of the Cavaliers (1970-1980)

The Cavaliers were added to the league in 1970. The premiere season was expected to be bad. The Cavaliers ended the first year with 15 wins from 57 defeats. As the worst team they were in 1971 Erstwahlrecht the NBA Draft and chose the guard Austin Carr.

From Carr led to the Cavaliers increased annually, but without reaching the playoffs. In 1975 the team with 40-42 to sixth place in the Eastern Conference. However, at that time it was not enough for the playoff qualification. A year later came second behind the Boston Celtics. Likewise, they won the division title. Coach Bill Fitch was awarded the coach of the year by the NBA. In the playoffs, however, would retire later in the Conference Finals against the Celtics. The next two years we also reached the playoffs, but retired in the first round. 1979 you missed the playoffs and Coach Fitch was dismissed.

Era under Stepien (1980-1983)

In 1980, the Cavaliers were sold to Ted Stepien. Under Stepien guide the Cavaliers one of the worst teams in the league were. Stepien met controversial personnel decisions in which he sold, for example, many high first round draft picks to other teams. Thus, no talents could be obliged to what the team success hurt. The NBA was forced to introduce a " Ted Stepien Rule", which restricted the trading of draft picks. Likewise Stepien pursued the plan to host the Games of the Cavaliers not only in Cleveland, but in all of Ohio and rename the team in accordance with " Ohio Cavaliers ". The lack of team success meant that the audience stayed away. During the season 1982-83 average of 3900 spectators at Cavaliersspielen. In a Stadiokapazität of 20000 too little. Stepien began to contemplate the team to Toronto to resettle. But he sold in 1983 the Cavaliers to the brothers George and Gordon Gund, who kept the team in Cleveland.

Leadership under the Gund (1983-1986)

The Gund presented as new coach George Karl before. After 1984 still missed the playoffs, they reached this in 1985 for the first time. Defies reach the playoffs, Karl was in the middle of the season replaced by Gene Littles. The Cavaliers were led by World B. Free, eliminated in the first, however, against the Celtics from. The following year, the playoffs have been missed again. Striking here was the coach wear. Over the past seven seasons, the Cavs had a total of nine coaches under contract. In 1986, Lenny Wilkens and the Cavaliers began this form again become a serious team.

Arrival of the Quartet (1986-1995)

When NBA Draft 1986, the Cavaliers got the Erstwahlrecht and subjected center Brad Daugherty in the first place. Also got to the athletic swingman Ron Harper eighth and playmaker Mark Price via transfer of the Dallas Mavericks. The in 1985 they drafted John Williams completed the young quartet. Of the Phoenix Suns Larry Nance came to Cleveland. This core developed into one of the most talented starting lineups the league and reached the playoffs in 1988. 1989 provides you with 57 victories in 25 defeats a team record. They reached the playoffs again and met the Chicago Bulls to Michael Jordan. However, they lost this just 3-2 in the best- of-five series. During the 1989-90 season leading scorer Harper was sold to the Los Angeles Clippers. In turn, moved rookie Danny Ferry to Cleveland. 1990 is also reached the playoffs. In 1991, the playoffs have been missed. Nevertheless brought the Cavaliers in 1992 again 57 victories and reached the Conference Finals, where they had to give up future champion Chicago Bulls defeated 4:2. After again eliminated in the playoffs in 1993 against the Bulls, Wilkens gave his farewell known and changed as a coach for the Atlanta Hawks. He was replaced by Mike Fratello. The rest of the team fell apart over the years. Daugherty finished his career in 1994 due to severe injuries. Larry Nance also resigned in the same year. Mark Price moved in 1995 to the Washington Bullets. John Williams, however, to the Suns. Danny Ferry, who came for Harper, the high expectations could not fulfill.

Mediocre years (1995-1998)

In spite of the many outlets the Cavaliers remained a playoff contender. The team has now led by Terrell Brandon and Tyrone Hill. Under Fratello the team one of the best defensive teams in the league was. In 1995 and 1996 they reached the playoffs yet, but different both times in the first round. After 1997, the playoffs missed, they sent Brandon and Hill to the Milwaukee Bucks. In return, they received Shawn Kemp of the Seattle SuperSonics. Also, the previous starter Chris Mills and Bobby Phills left the team. About the Drafts reinforced Derek Anderson, Brevin Knight and Zydrunas Ilgauskas the team. In 1998, to the playoffs before the team disappeared into obscurity.

Years in the Lottery (1999-2003)

Fratello was fired after an unsuccessful season in 1999. Kemp left the team in 2000. About the Drafts could undertake talented players like Andre Miller or Carlos Boozer in the coming years. However, it held no talent more than three years in Cleveland. The low point was reached during the 2002/ 03 season, when they had the worst record in the league.

Arrival of LeBron James (2003-2010)

When NBA Draft 2003, the Cavaliers the small forward LeBron James committed directly from high school. He took over from the first few games on a big responsibility and immediately became the franchise player the Cavaliers. Together with Ilgauskas and James Boozer formed one of the most talented front courts in the league. However, the playoffs could not be reached. 2004 Boozer left Cleveland toward Utah Jazz. As a substitute Drew Gooden has been committed. Similarly, one committed Forward Donyell Marshall. The following season, they improved again and just missed the playoffs.

In 2005, the Cavaliers Dan Gilbert purchased. This reinforced the club with Larry Hughes of the Washington Wizards. As the new head coach Mike Brown was presented. LeBron James, the star of the team, played one of the best seasons that ever managed a player in the post- Jordan era in the NBA. With 27 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists more than average, he reached for a sophomore, very good values. In the season 2006/ 07 were the " Cavs " - in particular because of a superior LeBron James reach the Eastern Conference Championship and therefore the NBA Finals, which against the San Antonio Spurs to their super star and Finals MVP Tony Parker, clear with 0 4 matches was lost. 2007/ 08 she dropped out in the Conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics with 3:4 victories. For the 2008/ 09 season, the Cavaliers with the point guard Maurice Williams, who previously played for the Milwaukee Bucks reinforced, and achieved victories with 66:12 the best record in the league. The Cavs reached the conference finals, there were subject to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard. This led the Cavaliers to strengthen the Center's position, what happened to veteran Shaquille O'Neal for a year. In addition, we undertook forward Antawn Jamison from the Wizards. Although with a score of 61:21 again recorded in 2009/10 the most wins of all teams in the NBA, they parted in the playoffs in the quarter- finals against the Boston Celtics.

Rebuilding the beginning of the Irving era ( since 2011 )

For the 2010/11 season LeBron James left the Cavaliers to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Miami Heat. The Cavaliers dismissed Coach Mike Brown and his assistant coaches. After over a month search the Cavaliers committed the former Coach of the Year Byron Scott as new head coach. Scott should give the Cavaliers a new identity on the field because the tactic had been built around LeBron James and this was no longer possible since his move to Miami. However, this change did not succeed and the Cavaliers lost 44 of their first 52 games in the season 2010/11. On 7 February 2011, they were subject to the Dallas Mavericks and presented with the 25th defeat in a row, the longest losing streak in NBA history to. Two days later they had to the Detroit Pistons defeated and therefore constitutes the longest losing streak in the history of the four American professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) a.

In the NBA Draft Lottery in 2011 the Cavaliers the first and fourth pick were randomly assigned. The first pick they received during the season along with Baron Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers, the fourth pick was his own. When NBA Draft 2011, the Cavaliers drafteten with the first pick Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson with the fourth pick. Both players were regarded as the greatest hope since the departure of LeBron James to Miami. Especially Irving was in his rookie season are the high expectations and was selected to the NBA Rookie of the Year 2012 and appointed First Team in the NBA All - Rookie.

Also in the summer of 2012, the Cleveland Cavaliers a high pick in the NBA Draft had again and secured fourth place Guard Dion Waiters of Syracuse University. Added to this was by Trade Forward Tyler Zeller, who had previously been gedrafted of the Dallas Mavericks. Another veteran CJ Miles was hired by the Utah Jazz. The season started promising, but later in the Cavaliers slipped back into the cellar of the Eastern Conference table. The only bright spot was the all-star guard Kyrie Irving nomination. The season ended with 24 wins and 58 defeats. Shortly after the end of the season coach Byron Scott was fired by the Cavaliers.

As the successor to the former head coach of the Cavaliers Mike Brown was presented, which already coached the team from 2005 to 2010. At 21:05 Cleveland won the NBA Draft Lottery in 2013 and is thus draw for the second time within the last 3 years in the first place. The picks number 19 ( from Los Angeles ), 31 ( Orlando ) and 33 ( own second-round pick ) belong in this draft the Cavaliers.

When NBA Draft 2013, the Cavaliers selected Canadian forward Anthony Bennett from UNLV with the first pick. Furthermore, the selected 19th in Russian Sergey Karasev strengthened the team.

Current squad

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