Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings ( Sacramento Kings dt ) are a basketball team from the North American basketball league NBA. The franchise is located in California's capital of Sacramento. The club was founded under the name Rochester Royals in 1948 was originally located on the east coast of the USA in Rochester (New York). We moved gradually towards the west, on Cincinnati, Ohio to Kansas City (Missouri ), to finally gain a foothold in Sacramento in 1985. In 1951, the team the last time in the NBA Finals.

Team History

The Rochester Royals were founded in the 1920s as an amateur team in 1946 and entered the professional league in NBL. There they were right in their first season champion after the team with the future Hall -of- Fame members Al Cervi, Bob Davies, and Red Holzman, the Sheboygan Red Skins had swept. For the season 1948/49, the team of the Basketball Association of America, which later became the National Basketball Association (NBA) joined. In 1951 the team won its first and only to date NBA championship.

1957 the team moved to Cincinnati. In the 1960s, the team, led by Oscar Robertson experienced its most successful period of 1962 to 1967, reaching six consecutive time the play-offs, was also able to win a title. Robertson left the team in 1970, which moved in 1972 to Kansas City and then to Omaha. In the 1980/81 season, the Kings reached despite a negative record this season, the playoffs and failed there until the Conference Finals to the Houston Rockets.

In 1985, finally followed up today last move to Sacramento. In the first season in Sacramento, the team reached the play-offs, it should be the last time for the next ten years. In the new decade, the Kings reached only in 1996, again the play-offs. After this season, the franchise was sold to the Maloof family, which should lead the team to a successful future.

By gedrafteten Jason Williams and the new additions Vlade Divac and Chris Webber the team the lockout season 1998/99 ended the first time with a positive balance ( 27:23 ). Although the team failed in the first round to the Utah Jazz, reached in the next few years until 2006 always the play-offs. In the 2001 /02 season, the team had the best record in the regular season ( 61:21 ) and lost the series to the Conference Finals only about 3:4 against the Los Angeles Lakers after the last game lost in extra time went.

By Weggänge Peja Stojaković, Vlade Divac and Chris Webber, the team was greatly weakened, and has since 2006, the play-offs no longer achieved. In addition, head coach Rick Adelman left, as announced, the team and was replaced by Eric Musselman. Under Musselman, the team finished last in the division. Musselman was consequently replaced by Reggie Theus. But even under Theus turned a no sporting success. During the season 2011/2012 he was replaced by his assistant coach Keith Smart. Smart was then confirmed for the 2012/2013 season as head coach. The management hoped that through the development of young players Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins ​​Impulste important for the future of the franchise. But even under Smart remained the successes of most. The 2012/2013 season ended only slightly better than in previous years with 28 wins and 54 defeats and also the talent of the squad stagnated in their development.

After the sale of the franchise to the current group of owners to Vivek Ranadive, management was reorganized. It was also committed with Michael Malone, a new head coach. Likewise, the squad was rebuilt again. The former hopefuls Tyreke Evans was not given a new contract and left the club in the direction of New Orleans. As a future face of the franchise DeMarcus Cousins ​​was chosen and equipped with a new contract. With the Draft, the Kings Ben McLemore assured as further support for the sporting future of the team. With Carl Landry also returned a former performers back to the team.

Secure future in Sacramento

For many years, the Maloof brothers were trying to build a new hall in Sacramento, or to find investors to renovate the Power Balance Pavilion. With this project, they failed regularly in recent years, both in local politics, as in hearings before the league.

As the outdated Arena in Sacramento claims no longer sufficed for years, plans for a move of the team were discussed. The Power Balance Pavilion, with its 17 317 seats is the smallest hall of the League and is looking for new sponsors and investors anything but attractive. Over the 2010/11 season it was announced that the Kings were in contact with the City of Anaheim to have to move the franchise there. There the Kings in the modern Honda Center would have played. The city of Anaheim was very interested at the time in mind to lure an NBA team to the city. On behalf of the Kings have first names were checked and when moving the team would have as Anaheim Royals (similar to the beginnings of the franchise, which already was from 1945 to 1972 " Royals " ) will accrue.

However, the move to Anaheim failed due to various factors. The city of Sacramento denied the one hand, the release for a move due to still existing liabilities on the part of the franchise, as well as some city officials were hoping that there is still a solution to keep the team in Sacramento. Similarly, there was from the fans some actions and calls to keep the team in Sacramento and to secure a new arena in the future. Even former players like Chris Webber, campaigned for a stay of the Kings.

In May 2011, the Kings announced that the team will play the 2011/12 season in Sacramento. The club was forced to be seen whether the plans for a new arena could be implemented. If this is not the case, the Kings would move to the 2012/13 season to Anaheim. Throughout the season, there were more and more positive signals and early 2012 gave the owners of the Kings announced that the team will stay in Sacramento and a new arena will be built.

But a few months later the project was tilted back and the plans for a new arena had to be frozen. As a basic lack of agreements between the Kings and the city were named. Finally, the Maloof brothers announced that they want to sell their shares to the Kings, and thus a move of the team would be possible again. In January 2013 came to a preliminary agreement with a group of investors from Seattle who wanted to bring in a successful sale of the Kings as Seattle SuperSonics to Seattle. To prevent a relocation of the Kings, wanted local investors from California trying to make an equally high offer for the franchise. A final decision on the future of the franchise was subsequently postponed to spring 2013.

April 2013 was a committee of the NBA from a vote that the Kings should stay in Sacramento and hence a sale of the Kings to an investor group will preferably from California. It was expected that the representatives of the other teams would join in this proposal and the Kings will thus remain in Sacramento. Less than a month later, the owner of the other teams included in this proposal and rejected a move of the Kings to Seattle. In order for the Kings initially remain still in Sacramento. From all sides was stressed, however, that a new arena was needed in order to keep the Kings in Sacramento can permanently. May 2013 agreed to the former owner of the Maloof family and the new owners to Vivek Ranadive on a sale with a volume of 535 million U.S. dollars.

Current squad

Honors and significant achievements