J. R. Bremer

Ernest Bremer Jr., JR Bremer, (born 19 September 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio) is a native American professional basketball player. After studying in his native Bremen played for two years as a professional in the NBA before he mainly played five years from 2004 in Europe and there after stints in Spain, Italy and Greece until 2012 in Russia. Since 2009 he has Bosnian citizenship, so that he can compete for that country in international matches. Since 2013 Bremer plays in Turkey.


United States ( college and NBA from 1998 to 2004)

Growing up in his hometown of Bremen joined in 1998 to study at the Franciscan University of Saint Bonaventure in Allegany in New York State on the border with Pennsylvania, where he played 10 Conference of the NCAA for the high school team Bonnies in the Atlantic. In his second year as a sophomore, the Bonnies qualified for the national finals of the NCAA, in which they met in the first round to the favored Wildcats of the University of Kentucky and were only narrowly defeated after two periods of extension. In the following two seasons, the Bonnies could not qualify for the finals and also Bremer was selected at the end of his four-year Collegkarriere in the NBA Draft in 2002 by any professional club for the most heavily doped professional basketball league.

About friendlies in the summer of 2002, Bremer was able to earn a place in the squad of NBA clubs Boston Celtics, who also do not let him go again before the season starts. In 41 of 64 games this season used as a "starter" scored Bremer good 8 points and nearly 3 assists in just over 23 minutes per game and was at the end of the season 2002 /03 in the " All- Rookie Second Team" of the ten best professional newcomers to the NBA appointed. In the play-offs, the Celtics failed again to the New Jersey Nets, but this time in the second round, the semi-final series in the Eastern Conference. In summer 2003, Bremer was then exchanged with another player and a draft pick against Jumaine Jones to the Cavaliers from his hometown. Here Bremer came off the bench and received only half as much playing time as before. In early March 2004, he was after only 31 missions in the jersey of the Cavaliers fired from it, and then again initially committed for four weeks of the Golden State Warriors on the west coast. This then extended his contract until the end of season, although it was used in only five games this season the Warriors, and offered him the expansion draft of the new franchise Charlotte Bobcats. This took Bremer then but ultimately not under contract, which then continued his career in Europe.

Southern European leagues (2004 to 2007)

For the season 2004 /05 Bremer joined the Spanish club Unicaja Málaga in the Liga ACB. With this team he won the Spanish Cup competition " Copa del Rey " in 2005 against the champions Real Madrid after he was end of December 2004 already won as a player of game day. In the play-offs for the championship but it failed in the semifinal series at the main round TAU Ceramica First, when you had to give 2004/ 05 also extremely scarce in direct comparison precedence in the first group stage of the ULEB Euro League.

In the 2005/06 season played in Bremen highest Italian league Serie A for Angelico Biella from, among others, along with the young Swiss Thabo Sefolosha, who was then in contrast to Bremer his NBA career was still to come. The club from the Piedmont had only narrowly avoided relegation in the previous season and reached a new title sponsor after the eighth round main square for the first time the play-off quarter-finals for the championship, where they retired to the main round First Climamio Bologna. Bremer denied hampered by injuries, only 23 season games.

Then Bremer was only in January 2007, a new contract with PAOK Thessaloniki in the Greek A1 Ethniki, as he stepped in for an injured colleague vice versa. After the end of this fixed-term contract, he moved even for the end of the season for KK Bosna Sarajevo. However, KK Bosna could not defend its national Bosnian championship against arch-rivals HKK Široki Brijeg, reaching only the vice-championship.

Russia (2007 to 2012)

2007 joined Bremen in the Russian Super League. The location of its first Russian station was, however, far beyond Europe, in Vladivostok on the Pacific coast of Asia from Spartak Primorye. This association had previously qualified for the first time in the year with Derrick Phelps for the play- offs for the championship. With Bremen together you could repeat this success, however, different in the first round against PBK series champion CSKA Moscow. Subsequently joined Bremen in 2008, even in the Moscow Oblast and played in the following season for Triumph from Ljuberzy. With this club he reached while the fifth place after the main round, but also different from the play-off quarter-finals. Plan for the next season of the illiquid ZSK WWS Samara was replaced by Krasnye Krylia from Samara. With its team Bremer could barely avoid relegation from the Super League in the championship in 2010. In international club competition Euro Challenge you were successful and reached the final, which was lost to the Final Four host BG 74 Göttingen. In Russia, on the other hand attended manipulation allegations for the separation of Association and clubs and in the newly created Professional Well Basketbolnaja League as a top tier Krasnye Krylia in 2011 reached a seventh place after the main round, so that they met in the quarterfinals calculated over the second- placed series champion CSKA, which one logically subject. In the season 2011/12 Bremer then got a contract with league rivals from Nizhny Novgorod, but for which after only three wins in 18 games of the season was finished before the play-offs the season.

Back to Italy (since 2012)

Bremer himself played the play-offs in the Italian Serie A after he was already the end of January 2012 returned to Italy. With the concept " EA7 Emporio Armani " operating under the name Milan club Olimpia he reached the finals series for the championship, but went against the series champion Montepaschi Siena lost. For the following season, he got a contract with Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul, but put him in only six national championship games, while he was employed in the games of the ULEB Euro League 2012/13 regularly and there was very weak union rates in a few game parts. For the group stage of the sixteen best teams Fenerbahçe Ülker renounced the services of Bremen, which was then taken mid-December of EA7 Milan under contract, who had missed their turn make the group stage and were then canceled the contract with Omar Cook. However, the team retired in the play- offs of the championship in the first round in seven games against defending champion Montepaschi Siena. For the 2013/14 season joined Bremen in the Türkiye Ligi Basketbol Royal Halı from Gaziantep.