Neda Ukraden

Neda Ukraden (Cyrillic Неда Украден; born August 16, 1950 in Imotski, Yugoslavia, now Croatia) is a Serbian pop and pop singer. It is characteristic of their songs that they have ethno sounds of Southeast Europe.


She grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Visegrad.

At first she was a singer of the band Kamen na kamen ( " stone on stone "). Since the early eighties she sings solo. Zora each ( " There is Dawn " ), boli, boli ( " It hurts " ), Saj rode saj are some of the songs because of it is still one of the most popular Interpretinen in the former Yugoslavia today. Zora ever is their biggest hit and has been covered in several other languages ​​in addition to Serbo-Croatian. Over the years she worked with, among others, with Goran Bregović and Đorđe Novković. Neda is considered to be idol of many pop singers, which are based on their music and sense of style. In 2002, she is from the United Women of the Balkans ( "Balkan Women Associations Federation 1953" ) "Woman of the Year".

She lived a long time in Sarajevo. Today Neda lives with her daughter Jelena and her mother Anđelija in Belgrade. She has two university degrees, one in law and one in linguistics. In addition to her artistic activities, it conducts even a café bistro called "Star Cafe " in Belgrade.