Nendeln is a town in the ash in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The two districts ash and Nendeln form the capital of Liechtenstein Lower Country. With 3996 inhabitants, of which ash trees in 2639 and is one Nendeln 1357 (as at 31 December 2003), and an area of ​​10.333 km ² is the largest ash Unterländer community.


Nendeln lies to the east of the reed on the flat slope foot of the Three Sisters mountain range between Nendler Rüfe and Maurer landslide on the eastern edge of the vast area south of the Riet Eschnerberg, on the road and railway line Schaan- Feldkirch. To top and on both sides (south and northeast ), it is surrounded by forest; the view of the reed and against ash out is free. East on Nendeln the foundations of a Roman villa have been excavated.


In written documents from the 14th to the 18th century is not the term " Nendeln " but the term " Nendlen " to be found (cf. the dialect form " Nendla "); in written documents dating from the 15th and 16th centuries also the form " Endlen " or " Änndlen ". On the origin of the place name " Nendeln » There are no established findings. Most of the linguists, the place name " Nendeln » seen in connection with the Celtic " Nantu ": " Nantiolon » ( Talfeld ) or " Nantuialo » ( Tallichtung ). Little is probably the origin of the Germanic personal name " Nandilo ". Recent findings by the scholars of German studies or are not available.

Economy and infrastructure

The Hilti Group is represented in Nendeln. In Nendeln there is an art school. The town has a station on the railway line Feldkirch -Buchs.


  • Church of St. Sebastian and Rochus Nendeln. The chapel was built in the year of the plague in Nendeln in 1639 and funded by Wolf and Mary Senti. In 1941, she was terminated. The foundation stone of the new chapel was on 10 June 1935. Plans and murals are from F. Brutschin from Schwyz. From the old equipment, the fragments of the high altar from 1639 are still preserved.
  • The foundations of a Roman estate.

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