Network World (own spelling netzwelt ) is a German -language web portal of the same name netzwelt GmbH, based in Hamburg. It recently reaching 4.8 million monthly visitors and 18 million page views, making it one of the most far-reaching IT media in Germany.


As part of the emerging new economy Sascha Hottes and Dirk take in 1999, the news portal MP3 World, which primarily deals with MP3 players and audio software. The site will initially sideline of the H2 Web GbR operated with headquarters in Darmstadt, as the two founders still pursue another profession. In addition to daily news portal also includes a forum.

2003 will see the establishment of the H2 media factory GmbH, which also has its headquarters in Darmstadt and takes over the operation of the supply of the H2 Web GbR. The company initially presents itself as a web agency and developed MP3 World in parallel. At this time, the domain for sale, which is acquired by the company. Subsequently MP3 World is restarted under the name Network World.

Since January 2005 Network World is continuously reachable in its current form. First, the topics software, gaming and DSL are in the foreground.

In September 2006, starts with Akuma, a sister site of Network World, which is also operated by the H2 media factory GmbH and edited by the same editors. At the beginning were offered free of charge about 100,000 pieces of music that could be used arbitrarily without DRM protection. In August 2007, Akuma was released from beta and belonged with 10,000 registered users and 600,000 titles to the largest music portals in Germany.

Due to the rapid growth of Akuma, whose music is also offered to Network World, the operators of these offers mid-2008, is relocating to Hamburg. In July 2008, the H2 media factory GmbH is awarded for Network World and Akuma as a regional winner in the competition FounderChampion 2008, the Reconstruction Loan Corporation.

2008 also participated Tim Schumacher, co-founder and CEO of Sedo, to power the world. According to the company CatCap entered as a mediator.

Due to the success of commercial download sites, particularly iTunes, Akuma was sold in early 2010. Owner of the offer has since become one of Berlin web agency that did not make it further developed and adjusted in effect. After the sale, the H2 media factory GmbH renames into netzwelt GmbH in August 2011.

End of February 2011 Announces Network World is the first German IT magazine a specially optimized version for the Apple iPad to. This will not be implemented as a native app, but is based on HTML5 and CSS3, so no installation is necessary and, in addition to the iPad also supports other tablet computer .. This magazine has now been set with the 94th and final edition of July 12, 2013.


In the early years, Network World has primarily focused on news from the wide range of information and communication technology. Since 2010, the portal positioned increasingly as a counselor for so-called consumer electronics. This step software, gaming and topics for professional users increasingly into the background while now mobile devices - especially smartphones and tablets - are treated reinforced. Total Network World has currently nine categories in which every day, between ten and 30 messages.

Daily updated news on web world are written without material from news agencies. In addition to editorial content, which account for two thirds of world power according to IVW, the portal offers its visitors a forum where they can talk about any IT and technology topics. This makes up about one fifth of the total bid, similar to the games area. Network World published regularly called arcade or casual games, mostly based on Adobe Flash technology.

Network World also includes a virtual tariff calculator for DSL and electricity contracts. In addition, since April 2011, a separate channel on YouTube under the name netzwelt operated tv, interviews, comments and reviews appear regularly in the video.


In 2009 Networld employed claims to an average of 12 employees, since no more information will be disclosed in the annual financial statements. In addition to full-time employees world network employs some freelance journalists. The partners involved in Network World as follows:

In addition to network world are the founders and shareholders of Arcade Network UG & Co. KG, based in Seevetal and Arcade Network Limited, based in Birmingham, which is currently in liquidation.


Network World has been repeatedly criticized to operate compared to other IT portals excessive search engine optimization. This manifests itself repeatedly in jumps at the reach noticeable, which shortly after the fall of hits back massively. That was the case in 2009, for example, in the last months of the year, in January and February of the following year, the officially measured views sank again. In March 2010, the industry portal Meedia reported a sharp rise in the range of 56.1 percent and speculated about possible SEO measures and targeted punishment by Google. Network World has used so-called SERPs, where Google's indexing of search results is leaked.