The Federal Gazette ( BAnz, until 31 March 2012 Federal Gazette ) than the Official Journal next to the Federal Law Gazette another Verkündungs ​​and publicity organ of the German federal authorities. It is published by the Federal Ministry of Justice and appears in the Federal Gazette -Verlag, which was partially and fully privatized in 2006 1998.

Until the introduction of the electronic Federal Gazette ( eBAnz ) of the Federal Gazette was additionally Mandatory publication Journal of Forensic and other announcements, for all trading registry entries as well as for legal publications of annual accounts and filing notices of the company.

The Federal Gazette appeared before April 1, 2012 four times a week. Since then, he may, as necessary, will be issued up to five times a week but not on weekends., And on public holidays

Electronic Federal Gazette

In addition to the printed Federal Gazette (Federal Gazette ) since 2002, it was the electronic Federal Gazette ( eBAnz ) as an independent official Verkündungs ​​and publicity organ on the Internet. In recent years, the publication of the paper output tasks were transferred more and more to the electronic Federal Gazette. However, official proclamations and announcements were usually continue in the Federal Gazette and could be published only in cases established by law in the electronic Federal Gazette. Judicial and other announcements are usually published only in the electronic Federal Gazette.

Changes 1 April 2012

With the introduction of a free electronic access to the official section of the Federal Gazette on 1 April 2012, the previous dichotomy was abandoned. The revised Verkündungs ​​and publicity organ has since been issued under the sole title Federal Gazette. The volume of the previous electronic Federal Gazette was transferred to the new Federal Gazette. A printed edition of the new Federal Gazette is intended only for exceptional cases, however, printouts of individual publications for a fee are available from the operator of the Federal Gazette.

On April 1, 2012, also changed the structure of the sites systematics for publication in the official section. The current composition of the individual sites follows the structure of " abbreviation of the German Federal Gazette ( Federal Gazette ), abbreviation for the official section (AT), date of publication (eg 18/10/2012 ), abbreviation section of the publication ( eg B for notice ), publication number ( eg 1) " - that is," BAnz AT 18.10.2012 B1 ".


The main edition of the printed Federal Gazette was divided before 1 April 2012 in three parts.

  • In the official part have been published: Regulations with the law of limited duration, in default and if you immediate entry into force of implementing the acts of the European Union was required in case of danger,
  • Administrative provisions, if their publication in the official gazettes of the federal ministries was considered sufficient,
  • Justifications of government drafts when their publication was desirable
  • Agreements between federal and state or between countries themselves, where no resolution of the legislatures was provided
  • Ceremonies of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • Notices of the federal authorities such as tenders, and, where specified in the laws and regulations of the federal, provincial authorities.

Since the merger of the Federal Gazette and electronic Federal Gazette on April 1, 2012, the content is divided into the following six parts currently:

  • Official Section,
  • Forensic part,
  • Company announcements,
  • Accounting,
  • Capital market,
  • Various announcements.

Publishing house

The Federal Gazette Publishing ( Federal Verlagsgesellschaft mbH ) is a publishing house based in Cologne and a branch in Limburg an der Lahn. In 1998, 34.9 % of the federal share was ( until in 1998 the federal government had 70 % of the shares in the Federal Gazette publisher) privatized as part of a partial privatization. In October 2006, the publishing house M. DuMont has retroactive effect from 1 January 2006, the remaining 35.10 % of the shares of the Federal Republic of Germany and 32.45 % of the shares of the issuer Community SECURITIES ANNOUNCEMENTS Keppler, Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG in Frankfurt am Main and has taken over the publishing house now complete.

The publisher operates the business register and published the following publications:

  • Federal Gazette ( until March 31, 2012, the Electronic Federal Gazette )
  • The Federal Law Gazette,
  • The Parliamentary Documents,
  • Of the Official Journal of the EC,
  • The rules collection of the Federal Finance Administration; still numerous
  • Magazines in the field of public law and of the care and juvenile justice and
  • Law books, often new or fundamentally changed laws.

The Federal Gazette Publishing operates the website www.spritpreismonitor.de with information transparency in the market place for fuels.

Backgrounds for full privatization in 2006

The remaining Federal shares in the Federal Gazette publishing company was sold in 2006 to the publishing group M. Dumont show mine, who thus holds 100 % interest in the publishing Federal Gazette. Whether a bidding process was set in motion in 2005, at which even involved other publishers in addition to the publishing group M. Dumont show mine, is highly controversial. Other bidders are certainly not publicly known.

After the privatization came a revision of existing for decades publication requirement for corporations in force ( EHUG ) on 1 January 2007. After that, over a million German corporations are required to publish at least annually their financial statements free of charge in the electronic Federal Gazette. Even before that could always ( in 2004 and 2005: the 4.2 million net ) annually millions in profits, the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with the published investment reports of the Ministry of Finance of 2002-2005 achieve from his participation.


Historical precursors of the Federal Gazette is the German Reich Gazette, the official newspaper of the German Empire and the Weimar Republic, were published in the personnel matters and administrative regulations of the empire as well as brief reports of the work of the Parliament.

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