New Left Review

The magazine, The New Left Review was founded in 1960 in the UK, as the editors of the journals New Reasoner and Universities and Left Review 'together, the editors of both publications. The magazine was one of the most influential publications within the New Left in Britain.

Universities and Left Review had emerged from the Suez crisis of 1956 out and criticized the revisionist line of the Labour Party from a Marxist perspective.

The New Left Review was first edited by Stuart Hall, who was replaced in 1962 by Perry Anderson. The magazine became a forum for the discussion of Western Marxism. Robin Blackburn took over the editorship of 1982. 2000 was again Perry Anderson Publisher. The magazine was re-launched, it received a new design and also the political line changed. Some critics see in the new line, a de facto capitulation to the right.

In the 1970s contributed to the magazine, the Marxist state theorist Nicos Poulantzas and Ralph Miliband in several articles a debate on the capitalist state from. Ernesto Laclau invernierte with a private contribution. Occasion which was a critical review of the work The State in Capitalist Society by Miliband by Poulantzas.

The British newspaper The Guardian described the New Left Review in 1993 as the "flagship of the Western intellectual left ". 2003 twined the Institute for Scientific Information in a impact factor analysis, the New Left Review in 12th place among the 20 major political science journals worldwide.