New Place

New Place is the name of the house in Stratford- upon- Avon, the William Shakespeare bought in 1597 for himself and his family for 60 pounds. He lived there after he had sat down to rest, from 1610 to his death in 1616.

The house was located on Chapel Street. It was built in 1483 by Hugh Clopton, a wealthy merchant and later mayor of London. In Shakespeare's time it was the second largest house in Stratford and the only one that was in contrast to the usual half-timbered style built entirely of bricks.

The house was later occupied by Shakespeare's heirs, his daughter Susanna Hall and later his granddaughter Elizabeth Hall. Then it was sold to the Clopton family, descendants of the original builders. In 1759 the house was torn down by his former owner Francis Gastrell after the constant stream of curious tourists, he was annoying. Today is at this point only a small garden, which can be accessed through the next door located Nash House, which also serves as a museum, as well as a billboard.


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