Newsies (musical)

  • Jack Kelly
  • Joseph Pulitzer
  • Katherine Plumber
  • Medda Larkin
  • Davey Jacobs
  • Crutchie
  • Les Jacobs
  • Finch
  • Don Seitz
  • Spot Conlon
  • Weisel / Mr. Jacobi / Mayor
  • Race
  • Nunzio / Theodore Roosevelt
  • Henry
  • Morris Delancey / Mike
  • Oscar Delancey / Ike
  • Sniper
  • Albert / Bill
  • Jo- Jo / Darcy
  • Elmer
  • Buttons
  • Snyder
  • Romeo
  • Specs
  • Bunsen
  • Mush
  • Hannah / Smalls
  • 3 nuns

Newsies is a musical, based on the Disney film Newsies - Newsies in 1992 and is based in New York newsboys on strike in 1899 discussed. The world premiere was in 2011 and since 2012 the musical running on Broadway.


Act 1

The newsboy Jack Kelly, who dreams of one day leave New York and move to Santa Fe, lives together with numerous other newspaper boys, most of whom are orphans and homeless, in a home in Manhattan. During the morning buying the latest newspapers meets Jack Davey and his little brother Les, who unlike the other a home and a family. Since her father was out of work due to an accident at work, they also have to earn money as a newspaper boy.

When Jack gets to know the young journalist Katherine Plumber, he tries to flirt with her, but is rejected by her. When the newspaper boys learn that Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the New York World, the purchase prices of the newspapers has increased, which further diminishes their low earnings, they organize a strike under the leadership of Jack. Katherine sees her chance to promote the reporting of the strike her career as a journalist. Through the use of police and strikebreakers, the strikers but fails and Jack's best friend, Crutchie will, beaten and arrested.

Act 2

As Katherine the next morning the newspaper boy showing that her article about the strike has made it into the competing newspaper New York Sun on the front page, they are excited and hope again. But Jack does not want to jeopardize once again the newspaper boy. As the others remind him that, Crutchie must be freed, however, he begins to reconsider his opinion.

In the publishing house of the New York World Katherine secretly overheard a conversation where one experiences the Pulitzer that Jack is an escaped criminal who stole food and clothing. When Jack arrives to ask Pulitzer for speech, this offers him a deal: if he see to it that the strike is called off, Pulitzer will not only pay his debts, but also give him enough money to go to Santa Fe to can. When Jack learns that Katherine is the daughter of Pulitzer, he is very disappointed that she has kept from him this.

In the meantime, Spot Conlon, leader of the Brooklyn Newsies, the Manhattan newsboys explains the solidarity and wants to fight with them for better working conditions. But when Jack gathered the newspaper boy, he recommends them reluctant to accept Pulitzers offer. The other newspaper boys are shocked and turn away from Jack. When Jack and Katherine meet again, they assured him that she was always on his side and criticized him for it, that he has not entrusted to her the truth about his criminal past. When she sees a drawing of Jack on which it recognizes the conditions in the home, she realizes that Jack has stolen food and clothing for the other newsboys, to help them.

Finally, the two other newsboys help in publishing its own newspaper strike that reaches the Governor Theodore Roosevelt, who stands on their side. With his back to the wall Pulitzer agrees with the requirement to buy back any unsold newspaper of the newsboys, so that these do not have to bear the loss. Crutchie is free, the home is closed and the strike is ended. When Jack wants to say goodbye to Katherine to draw finally to Santa Fe, this tells him that she wants to follow everywhere to him. Finally Jack decides to stay in New York and continued to work as a paperboy.


Act 1

  • Overture
  • Santa Fe ( Prologue ) - Jack and Crutchie
  • Carrying the Banner - Ensemble
  • The Bottom Line - Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen, Hannah and Nunzio
  • That's Rich - Medda
  • Do not Come A- Knocking / I Never Planned On You - Jack, Katherine and Bowery Beauties
  • The World Will Know - Jack Davey, Les and newsboys
  • The World Will Know (Reprise) - Jack Davey, Les and newsboys
  • Watch What Happens - Katherine
  • Seize the Day - Davey and Ensemble
  • Santa Fe - Jack

Act 2

  • King of New York - Davey, Les, Katherine and newsboys
  • Watch What Happens ( Reprise) - Jack Davey, Katherine and Les
  • The Bottom Line (Reprise) - Pulitzer, and Mayor Seitz
  • Brooklyn 's Here - Spot Conlon and newsboys
  • Something to Believe In - Jack and Katherine
  • Seize the Day (Reprise) - Newsboys
  • Once and for All - Jack Davey, Les, Katherine, Darcy, Bill and newsboys
  • Seize the Day (Reprise) - Davey and newsboys
  • Finale - Ensemble


  • September 25, 2011 - October 16, 2011: Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, New Jersey
  • Since March 15, 2012: Nederlander Theatre, Broadway, New York City
  • Scheduled to begin in 2014 in London


  • Newsies - The Musical ( Original Broadway Cast Recording, 2012)