Neyo language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Kru Neyo


The Neyo (or Neyo, neyau, néouolé, Newole and Newole called ) is a Krusprache that is spoken in southwestern Ivory Coast, especially around the place Sassandra around, of about 10,000 people.


Neyo The language currently has no signature, but it is usually transcribed using the Latin script.


The nine vowels of Neyo are comparable with those of the Germans.

The tonality fulfills a distinctive function. It is phonetically retranskribiert by diaktritische characters:

  • High é
  • Medium ē
  • Deep è

The Neyo has a total of 22 consonants.


  • Approche you systematique niwɔ | i - Langue Kru de Côte d'Ivoire - Thèse de doctorat de troisième cycle presentee par Claire GRAH - Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III - Institut national des langues et civilization orientale
  • Greenstone - Neyo (PDF file, 2.84 MB)