NFPA 704

The danger diamond (from English: hazard diamond ) is a system for the rescue workers of the fire and rescue service for immediate evaluation of the hazards that occur in accidents involving dangerous goods. The danger symbol is in the form of a square. This NFPA 704 Hazard Identification System has been developed by the American NFPA ( National Fire Protection Association ). In the English -speaking world the danger diamond as NFPA Hazard Diamond is known.

In Europe it is found mainly on piece goods from America, as in Europe the dangers of piece goods are declared differently (see Hazardous Information ). Conversely, even the hazard symbols and classes of the UN Recommendations in use that are common in other European ADR / RID and the world in shipping and air traffic around the tunnel passage labeling in the United States.

Health risk

Fire hazard

Reactivity Hazard

Special Instructions

Through the NFPA only the symbols "W" and " OX " are permitted, as the other threats are already included in the classification in the appropriate fields. It further symbols are nevertheless used: