Nijmegen railway station


The Nijmegen Railway Station is the largest train station in the Dutch city of Nijmegen and Arnhem station after the second most frequented railway station in the province of Gelderland. He is a central hub in urban public transport. At the station, at national regional and long-distance trains.


The first station was opened on August 9, 1865. At that time, however, there was only one connection in the German city of Kleve. Then, in 1879 Nijmegen was connected to the Dutch railway network. The route from Nijmegen to Arnhem is still one of the shortest railway lines in the Netherlands. 1881 was followed by the opening track to Tilburg and 1883 to Venlo. The former station building was damaged in 1944 during World War II, so the station in 1954 after plans by the architect Sybold van Ravesteyn took on its current appearance.

Distance connections

In the year 2013 the following schedule lines run: