Nils Ericson

Nils Ericsson ( later Ericson; * January 31, 1802 at Långban in Värmland, † September 8, 1870 in Stockholm) was a Swedish engineer.

Nils Ericsson was the older brother of John Ericsson, an inventor who worked in England and the United States. 1823 he was a second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers Swedish army in 1828 and promoted to lieutenant. More Promotions in his military career were 1830 Captain 1832 Major 1850 and to colonel in the mechanical corps of the Swedish Navy, which was established in 1951 vattenbyggnadskåren to väg -och.

Since 1855 Ericsson worked as chief engineer of the railway construction of the state. As an important engineer, he was especially known by the construction of the Trollhättan Canal 1837-1844, the Saimaakanals between the Saimaa in Finland Gulf of Finland ( 1849-1856 ) and finally through the expansion of the Swedish railways, which are considered his work can.

When he retired in 1862 from the line of the railway sector, the imperial estates granted him a lifetime annual pension of 15,000 Riksdalern. Back in 1854 he was knighted and raised in 1860 in a baron.