Nkana was once an independent village in the province of Copperbelt of Zambia. Today he is a part of the city Kitwe.

Nkana was founded in 1920 as a station on the railway line in the Copperbelt. The name derives was Chief Nkana, a traditional ruler in the territory of the new foundation.

The copper ore from nearby mines of Anglo American Corporation, the then largest in the country, was melted in Nkana and loaded for export. About 20,000 workers were employed in the mines and the smelting of ores.

In the later 1960s, the Zambian mines and Verhüttungsindustrien were nationalized. The district Kitwe, the services rendered for the mines, grew rapidly. Both places are fused together. In the 1970s, was incorporated Nkana Kitwe. Since then, both place names are synonymous for each other.

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