Noon language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Westatlantisch Cangin


Noon is a language that is spoken in the west of Senegal - especially in the region of Thies.

Together with the languages ​​Lehar, the Saafi, the Ndut and the Palor it is part of Cangin languages, a sub-group of the West Atlantic languages ​​that belong to even the language family of the Niger - Congo languages ​​.

Other names for the Noon are None, Non and Serer - Noon.

Official Status

Like 16 other languages ​​( and other, yet to come ) has received an official status as the national language of Senegal, the Noon.


Nch the details of the Senegalese 2002 census, the number of speakers in 29 825.


The Noon uses the Latin alphabet for writing. In 2005 a decree regulated the spelling of the Noon ..