Nordic Library at Athens

The Nordic Library at Athens (Greek Βιβλιοθήκη των Βορείων Χωρών στην Αθήνα ) is one of several international archaeological libraries in Athens. It is supported by a coalition of the four Scandinavian Institute in Athens, the Svenska Institutet i Athen (Sweden), the Suomen Ateenan - instituutti (Finland), the Norske Institutt i Athens ( Norway) and Danske Institut i Athen (Denmark).

The institution, founded in 1996 is a reference library and comprises about 40,000 volumes, covering mainly the field of classical archeology in Greece as well as religion and history of ancient Greece. It collects about 450 magazines and other periodicals. The information presented in the individual carrier institutes small collections of specialized literature be tapped from the catalog of the Nordic Library.

Modern archives

The Library houses the archives of the well-known under the pseudonym Nicholas Kalas Greek- American poet and art historian Nikos calamari. The archive of the surrealist artist was passed in 1999 and includes letters, essays, articles and photographs and other material.

In 2005, the library received a donation of Finn Ståhl, a Swedish philhellenes and consul in Crete. It included about 250 works related to the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy, some of which volumes of poetry, some literature about his work in Greek and other languages.

The archival materials are accessible through catalogs and interested academics accessible.