Not Giving In

November 18, 2012

Not Giving In is a song by the British quartet Rudimental in collaboration with John Newman and Alex Clare. The song was first released on 18 November 2012 in the UK by the label Asylum Records and reached even before the official publication of the charts in some countries.

Music Video

The official music video was made ​​on 17 October 2012 at the YouTube channel Rudi Mind online. In this video, filmed by Josh Cole, it's about Mouse, in real life, a multiple world champion in breakdance and longtime friend of the director Josh Cole, as well as his fictional brother. While Mouse discovers the break dancing for themselves and fought a large fan base, his brother proposes a wrong path. He beats himself with another boy and after the fight shot by a third. The scenes take place in parallel. The clip was shot entirely in Manila, all performers are from this city.



The single reached even before the publication number 42 in Australia, number 20 in Belgium ( Flanders) and place 98 of Nederlandse Top 100


Critics took Not Giving In largely to positive. According to an author of AltSounds the song would be rising with his compilation of various live instruments, beats and " soulful " voice of Clare and Newman. Lewis Corner of Digital Spy also had a positive opinion:

" John Newman Declares in his smooth tone, richer than a double chocolate pud and just as satisfying. Rudimental june not have delivered a game -changer, but whenyour sound is quiet this fresh, why bother? "

" John Newman announced in his soft voice, richer than a double chocolate pudding and just as satisfying. Rudimental may not have delivered groundbreaking song, but if the sound still sounds so fresh, why complain? "