NPO “Digital Television Systems”

NPO " Digital Television Systems " is a Russian company, to medical devices operates in the field of fabrication of devices and systems of office technology on military equipment.


The company was founded in the Kaliningrad special economic zone in 2007 and built the plant in 2008. At this time was also working with the OAO "Group" Innowazionnyje tchnologii "(trade mark " General Satellite ") The first investments exceeded 250 million rubles. Rubles.

Even in the original development concept, the production of receivers for receiving both the digital satellite TV as well as from conventional terrestrial TV was planned. Likewise, before you had to assemble radio electronics " as a contract manufacturer ." 2009 got you the price "brand of Kaliningrad 2008" and was nominated for the award " Best Innovation". Also was the commissioning of the NPO " Digital Television Systems " work.

Over time, the company increased its operating capacity. 2010, the throughput capacity of the assembly line 3000 circuit boards a day. The performance of the automatic assembly was 25,000 components / hour. The productivity of the hand assembly was 60,000 components / hour. In addition, the partnership began with Samsung Electronics.

The President of the Association " Korporazija " General Satellite " A. Tkachenko explained that the presence of similar contracts the work was able to produce any equipment, from televisions to mobile phone to your Pocket PC with the satellite navigation system GLONASS. All this under the assumption that components are provided by the client.

Digitization of the Russian television

One of the most ambitious projects of NPO " CNS " is one of the digitization of the Russian television. In this regard, an agreement on cooperation was signed in February 2010 between the management and administration of the territory of Kaliningrad. The objective of this Agreement, it was 2015 convert the entire population of the Kaliningrad to the digital reception and to take two public channel packages in operation. " Hit The fact that here the company was founded, and the regional administration has created all the conditions for the production manufacture, and further measures to the price reduction, the receiver for the local population with a low income, it has enabled us without additional federal except scheduled to join expenditure Kaliningrad to the program, " said Sergei Ivanov during his visit of the joint work with the Governor of the Kaliningrad G. Boos and the Minister for Communications I. Schtschogolew

Social significance

The operation is for the city of Gusev and the whole area of importance. First, because new jobs were created and to be created in the future. Second, the operation itself is involved in various social programs and projects in the region. In the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences of the city Gusev, for example, there is the program of staff training. This program allows the student to junior " directly from the school of ".