The Sudan archeology (also Nubiologie ) is an archaeological specialist with a focus on Sudan. The archeology of Sudan was long a part of Egyptology and is today partly also because a large part of the inscriptions were written in Egyptian hieroglyphics and the cultures in Sudan were strongly influenced long time by the Egyptian culture.

Most of the early excavators in Sudan were also active in Egypt. Only in recent decades, the Sudan archeology tries to establish itself as a separate subject. Especially Polish archaeologists are strongly represented with their excavations in the Christian places of Sudan. There they are affiliated to the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw. In German-speaking countries, there is a box at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

List of Sudan archaeologists

  • Francis Llewellyn Griffith (1862-1934)
  • John Garstang (1876-1956)
  • George Andrew Reisner (1867-1942)
  • Kazimierz Michałowski (1901-1981)
  • Steffen Wenig ( b. 1934 )
  • László Török ( b. 1941 )
  • Dietrich Wildungsmauer ( b. 1941 )
  • Khidir Abdelkarim Ahmed (1947-2012)
  • Derek A. Welsby ( b. 1956 )
  • Angelika Lohwasser ( b. 1967 )
  • Claudia Näser ( b. 1970 )