Nurbanu Sultan

Nurbanu ( born Cecilia Venier - Baffo; * 1525 Paros, † 1583 in Istanbul). She gave birth to a son, later Sultan Murad III. , And thus became the Valide Sultan of the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Selim II and favorite

Pirates kidnapped Cecilia Venier - Baffo than 8 -year-old from the island of Paros, a colony of Venice. Soon they came to the court of the sultan. How many captive girl she was raised to be a lady of the harem and became a companion of Prince Selim, later Sultan Selim II Like their mother Roxelane she won in the following years, the rank of the favorite of the sultan. Her son Murat III. should also be the successor of Selim. She stood among others in correspondence with the French queen Catherine de 'Medici, which was an important ally against Spain.


  • Ismihan Sultan (1544 - 1585)
  • Murad III (1546 - 1595)
  • Fatma Sultan (1548 - 1580)