N!xau Ç‚Toma

! N xau [ Khi 1], and also GCAU Coma, formerly G kau, ! ( Born December 16, 1944 Tsumkwe in the Kalahari, Namibia, † July 1 to July 5, 2003 in Tsumkwe, Namibia ) was a Namibian actor from the people of San

N! Xau was his starring role as " Bushmen " Xixo in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy and its sequels The Gods Must Be Crazy II, and now even more crazy gods famous worldwide.

The exact date of his death is not known. Since N! Xau of a timber search on 1 July 2003 did not return, his family searched for him and found him dead. The police confirmed his death on July 5, 2003. Exact cause of death is also unknown, but it is presumed that he died of tuberculosis when he was suffering for some time from this disease.