OB, Ob, o.B., o.b. is an abbreviation for:

  • Bahrain, according to the ICAO code
  • Boliviana de Aviación, a Bolivian airline based in La Paz after the IATA code
  • BSC Old Boys Basel, was founded in 1894 under the name FC Founded Old Boys Basel
  • Upper Bavaria
  • Commander, a military or civilian superior
  • Gaffer
  • Federal Attorney
  • Mayor
  • Surface treatment (road ), a repair action in road
  • Oberhausen, license plates in Germany
  • Oblast Lovech, license plate in Bulgaria
  • Odense Boldklub, a Danish football club based in Odense, Region Syddanmark
  • Officer candidates
  • No findings, medical remark on the medical record
  • Without commitment, with details of religious affiliation
  • Online Banking
  • Base of operations
  • Opole Brzeg, license plate in Poland, for powiat Brzeski ( Brzeg )
  • Organizational Behavior, examines both how people behave as individuals, in groups and in all organizations due to their perceiving, thinking and feeling, and on the other hand, how people are affected by the activities, processes and structures from / to organizations in their behavior
  • Local battery, see intercom circuit
  • Local commissioner, head of a local branch of the Technical Relief and the Malteser
  • Ossewabrandwag, a former organization of the Boers in South Africa
  • Outside Broadcasting, the English term used in radio and television transmission technology for cars
  • Oxygen balance, see oxygen balance

Whether stands for:

  • Whether a river in Russia
  • Whether ( Bidingen ), part of the municipality Bidingen, Ostallgäu, Bavaria
  • Whether (city), a city in Russia

O.b. stands for:

  • If ( Without Binding ) if tampons were developed in 1947 by the German engineer Carl Hahn and the lawyers Heinz noon and 1950 brought to the market by Dr. Carl Hahn KG
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