OD is an abbreviation for

  • Open Doors, a human rights organization
  • Optical density, see absorbance ( optical )
  • Through-road in German road law
  • Overdose, English for an overdose
  • An outer tubular shaft diameter according to DIN EN 1610
  • Osteochondritis dissecans, a Aseptic bone necrosis
  • Germany: Stormarn ( Bad Oldesloe )
  • Netherlands: semi-trailer
  • Austria: Diplomatic Corps in Upper Austria

O. D. stands for

  • Ostner Dresden, a former German motorcycle manufacturer

O. D. (typically without spaces incorrectly or OD) is the abbreviation for

  • Oculus dexter, Latin for right eye
  • One postulated by Karl von Reichenbach vitality
  • A deity of the North Germanic mythology, see Aesir
  • Bat- Otschiryn Ser - Od (* 1981), Mongolian long-distance runner
  • A Unix command, such as for displaying binary ( octal dump )

Or the next or the abbreviation is used for

  • The conjunction or

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