Ohio Wesleyan University

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The Ohio Wesleyan University ( also Wesleyan or OWU ) is an American University in Delaware, Ohio, which was founded in 1842.

The campus, which covers about 81 acres of spacious land, offers a wealth of buildings in the Gothic Revival style, many of them are over 200 years old. Some new buildings have been built in the style of modern architecture, and a variety of sculptures located on the campus.

The majority of students live on campus. In later semesters, students also have the opportunity to look for her own apartment. However, since the rent in Ohio Wesleyan are very high, many refrain from.

The Ohio Wesleyan University follows an admission policy in which the ability to pay of the applicants will be ignored. Any differences to the very high tuition fees paid by the University in the form of scholarships out of its own capital stock. Despite these admissions policy, which allows children from lower income groups to study at the prestigious university, a large portion of the student body of children from wealthy families is formed.

The mascot of the University is the Battling Bishop, and the school colors are crimson and black.