Oji Paper Company

Ōji Seishi K. K. (Japanese王子 制 纸 株式会社, Seishi Kabushiki - Ōji gaisha, Eng. Oji Paper Company, Limited ) is a Japanese group of companies in the paper and packaging industry and forestry. In addition to the approximately equal Nippon Paper Group, it is far ahead of the other competitors one of the largest of its kind in Japan. For group include numerous paper mills in Japan, several laboratories and also the forestry museum. Head office is in Chūō, Tokyo Prefecture.


The businesses of the Group are production, processing and sales of printing paper, writing paper, packaging paper, woodfree paper, household products on cellulose fiber base, cardboard and cardboard, plastics, thermal paper, self-adhesive paper, disposable diapers, production of specialty chemicals for paper production and packaging machines, further leasing of real estate and land company, reforestation in Japan and overseas, and not least the management of the company's own forests.


The Group conducts its history back to the Shibusawa Eiichi of (1840-1931) on February 12, 1873 in Ōji, now a suburb of Tokyo, established companies Shoshi Kaisha. Ei-ichi Shibusawa had in 1876 is one of the companions of an official delegation that traveled under the leadership of Tokugawa Akitake, a younger brother of the Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the World Exhibition ( Centennial Exhibition ) in Philadelphia / USA and then to the 1878 World Fair in Paris / France. On this trip to the West, he learned the modern methods of industrial paper production know. Shibusawa Eiichi founded his company adopts the modern industrial paper production in Japan. Twenty years later he renamed it after its founding place. 1933 merged with Fuji Ōji Seishi Seishi K. K. (富士 制 纸 株式会社) and Karafuto Kōgyō KK (桦 太 工业 株式会社). The minted company produced about four-fifths of all made ​​in Japan " paper Western style ". After the Second World War Ōji Seishi was due to a government available ( Excess Economic Powers Decentralization Act ) smashed in Tomakomai Seishi KK (苫 小 牧 制 纸 株式会社, today Ōji Seishi ), Honshu Seishi KK (本州 制 纸 株式会社) and JUJO Seishi K. K. (十条 制 纸 株式会社, today's competing company Nippon Paper Group ). In the following decades, the company grew through acquisitions, investments, joint ventures and opening of new production facilities at home and abroad to its present size zoom. Among the acquisitions in 2005 included the European photo paper manufacturer Ilford Imaging Switzerland, in Germany the kanzan specialty papers GmbH in Düren, manufacturers of inkjet and thermal papers (share: 94.7368 %).


In the group of companies over 4,000 employees are now employed (June 2008: 4,318 ). The annual turnover amounted in 2002 to 9.635 billion U.S. dollars.


The company owns the hockey team Ōji Eagles was founded in 1925.