Okanagan Lake

Legend of Ogopogo sea monster

Okanagan Lake is a long, narrow lake in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The approximately 135 km long and 4-5 km wide lake with a surface area of 351 km ² winds in the southern part of British Columbia through the Okanagan Basin and is approximately 55 km from the border with the U.S. state of Washington in the same river over.

The largest city on the shore of the lake is with 105 621 inhabitants Kelowna, the beginning of the 20th century evolved, as many Europeans settled in the valley. The residents along the lake, including many German -born Canadians, especially living from tourism, as well as agriculture and forestry. Especially in Kelowna is also developed a profitable service industry. The area is well known within Canada especially for the cultivation of fruit and wine.

According to legend, the sea monster Ogopogo lives in Okanagan Lake.


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