Okanogan River

Course of the Okanogan River to the Columbia River

The Okanogan River or Canada Okanagan River is a 314 km (from the end of Okanagan Lake to the mouth ) long tributary of the Columbia River to the south of the Canadian province of British Columbia and the northern part of the U.S. state of Washington.

It drains the Okanogan Country -called plateau east of the Cascade Range north-west of the Columbia River and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Its catchment area covers 21,600 km ².


The Okanogan River drains the lake Okanagan Lake, on the north side of the city of Penticton. It then flows south through the Skaha Lake to Okanagan Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos and on about before he crosses the border to the United States in Oroville in Okanogan County of State of the United States Washington when flowing through the Osoyoos Lake. South of the border changes the spelling of the river from the Okanagan to Okanogan.

From Oroville, the river is further directed southward and flows past Okanogan and Omak. It forms the western boundary of the Colville Indian Reservation. Approximately 8 km east of Brewster then flows into the river in the Columbia River, between the further down Wells Dam and the Chief Joseph Dam about upriver.


Among the tributaries of the Okanogan Rivers include the opening out of the west at Oroville Similkameen River and left the Omak Creek near Omak. The Bonaparte Creek results in Wauconda water from the Bonaparte Lake. West of San Poil ago empties and the water from the Aeneas Valley. Salmon Creek in Okanogan carries in just a short time of the year to the river because its water is mostly derived for purposes of irrigation.


The United States Geological Survey operates in Malott, 27 km upstream of the river mouth, a level. The average mean annual runoff 1958-2005 here is 86 m³ / s The highest reported here was measured on 3 June 1972 with 1300 m³ / s. The lowest flow was s observed on September 4, 1970 8 m³ /.


Early maps from the heyday of the fur trade show the Okanogan River as " Caledonia River". This refers to the connecting route between the Columbia District and New Caledonia, which adjoins the north Okanagan Lake.