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Ono- i- Lau is an isolated atoll located in the southeast of the island nation Fiji in the Pacific Ocean. It is after Tuvana -i -Ra and Tuvana -i -Colo is the third - most southern atoll of the Lau archipelago and is the southernmost inhabited landmass Fiji dar.


Ono- i- Lau is a typical atoll islands in the center of the lagoon - the eroded summit of the former volcano - as well as numerous Motus which rest the outer reef. The atoll has dimensions of 13 × 9 km and has a land area of ​​almost 8 km ². The highest elevation is 113 meters above the sea. From the next island Vatoa in the northeast, it is about 90 km away from the claimed by Tonga Minerva reefs in the south about 300 km. Centrally located on the largest island Ono Levu is an airport ( IATA code: ONU, ICAO code: NFOL ). Capital of the atoll is Nukuni. Other villages are Lovoni, Matokana and Doi ( Ndoi, on the second largest, the same island of the atoll ). The island Vatoa, 90 km further north, has traditionally Ono- i- Lau with her eponymous village.

The population of the atoll took 1982-2002 of 767 from 583.