Oodaaq is a tiny sand, gravel and silt Bank northeast of Greenland, and is in some sources - probably mistakenly - referred to as the northernmost land surface of the earth. Today is usually assumed that Oodaaq no longer exists (as of August 2007).

Location and size

The position of Oodaaq is at 83 ° 40 ' 32.5 "N, 30 ° 40' 10.1" W83.675694444444 - 30.669472222222Koordinaten: 83 ° 40 ' 32.5 "N, 30 ° 40' 10.1 " W specified. So this post is just 704.02 km from the North Pole. Oodaaq located 10.3 km west of Kaffeklubben Island ( Kaffeklubben Ø), one of the northern tip of Greenland offshore island. The island measured only 15 by 8 meters.


Oodaaq was discovered in 1978, as a project managed by Uffe Petersen Danish reconnaissance team landed on the Kaffeklubben Island, to the - to substantiate thesis that the Kaffeklubben Island north than the tip of Greenland - at that time still controversial. During their stay on the island a member of the expedition noticed a dark spot located in the north in the Arctic Ocean. The team flew by helicopter to this point and found surrounded by ice floes a small area with dry land. The body found was named Oodaaq. So this place was named after the one Eskimo, Robert Peary 1908/1909 accompanied on his expedition to the North Pole.

Status of Oodaaq as land area and island

Sand and gravel banks as Oodaaq are generally not considered land area, since they are not usually permanent. Therefore, it was also for Oodaaq always debatable whether this passage has the status of an island. Finally, the existence of Oodaaq in 2001 was confirmed. Subsequently, however, participants have several expeditions claimed that Oodaaq was untraceable. The newspaper San Francisco Chronicle reported on 17 June 2004, Oodaaq had been gone for years and never seen again.

Status of Oodaaq as northernmost land area of ​​the earth

After their discovery Oodaaq was reported in some sources as the northernmost land surface of the earth. However, argue against the assignment of this property following concerns:

Listed Given the precarious knowledge of the under No. 3 (RTOW2001) and No. 4 ( 83-42 ) surfaces is mainly the island ATOW1996 considered northernmost land surface of the earth.