Oorlagh George

Oorlagh Marie George (born 7 July 1980) is an American- Northern Irish film producer. She won a 2012 Academy Award for Best Short Film.


George worked from 2000 as a production assistant on various episodes of the series The District - use in Washington and America Undercover, and various films. In the following years she worked, inter alia, as an assistant to actor Clive Owen in the movies Inside Man, Shoot ' Em Up, The International, Duplicity - Joint secret thing and The Boys Are Back - Back to Life and Eric Bana in Munich.

For the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda of her father, the filmmaker Terry George, it was in 2004 working as a production manager in Rwanda's capital, Kigali.

Together with her father, she produced 2011, the short film The Shore. Her father led this director and wrote the screenplay. The film is about two young people who are lost during the Northern Ireland conflict from the eyes and meet again many years later. At the Academy Awards in 2012 George won for this film together with her father an Oscar in the category Best Short Film.


  • 2011: The Shore