The Opolanen were a westslawischer tribe and one of the five established in Silesia in the 9th century tribes.


The settlement area of Opolanen was below the mouth of the Glatzer Neisse and below the Malapane. They inhabited the banks of the middle or run in Upper Silesia.

Written descriptions

In the second half of the 9th century mentions the Bavarian Geographer 20 " civitates " ( settlements and earthworks ) of Opolini.

Political relations

From 875 then the area belonged to the sphere of the Great Moravian Empire, 907 to Bohemia. About 990 of the tribe of the Opolanen as the whole of Silesia enters the Polish state. In 1039 it fell back to Bohemia, in 1050 returned to Poland. There was then part of the Duchy of Silesia in 1138. 1179 was founded on the territory of the previous Opolanen the Duchy of Upper Silesia.


One of the most famous settlements of Opolanen was on the Pascheke Island Ostrówek in the present city of Opole, which was discovered during excavations in 1968.

The west of the settlement of the new town of Opole was Opolanen ( present city center ) created 1211-1217 by Duke Kazimir I..