Orca (disambiguation)

Orca stands for:

  • An alternative spelling for the term Orka. see Orka
  • A cetacean species from the dolphin family ( Delphinidae ), see Orca
  • A feature film by Michael Anderson from 1977, see Orca - The Killer Whale
  • The model name of a super sports car, see Orca C113
  • Megalithic tombs in Portugal, see Anta
  • A program for viewing and editing Windows Installer archives (MSI files)
  • An open-source screen reader, see Orca ( screen readers )
  • A sister project of the Avant Browser, see Orca Browser
  • A construction software, see ORCA AVA
  • Orca ( Fundão ) community in Portugal
  • Orca ( ship ), a passenger ship in the Pacific Steam Navigation Company ( later the Calgaric for the White Star Line )
  • A programming language for distributed systems

ORCA is an abbreviation for:

  • European Organisation for Caries Research
  • Operetta Research Center Amsterdam

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