Orchies is a commune in the Nord, in the Nord -Pas -de -Calais. It belongs to the district and is the capital of Douai ( chef-lieu ) of the Canton of Orchies.

With 8184 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) is Orchies the largest municipality in the canton.


Orchies located 26 kilometers from Lille, 30 km from Valenciennes and eight kilometers from the border with Belgium removed.

Neighboring communities of Orchies are Nomain in the north, Landas in the east, Beuvry -la -Forêt in the southeast, Bouvignies in the south, Coutiches in the southwest and Auchy -lez- Orchies in the West.


In 1297 the city was conquered by Philip IV. 1305 was the official annexation to France. Nevertheless, the city was returned in 1370 to the County of Flanders. In 1477 it was Louis XI. looted. In 1668 it was again annexed to France. During the French Revolution the city changed hands several times. 1914, the town was completely destroyed.



In Orchies is the headquarters of Leroux. This 150 year old company is the market leader in the manufacture and sale of Common Chicory (also known as chicory for coffee substitutes such as the well-known Caro- coffee).


Orchies maintains a twinning with Kelso in Scotland.