Original English-language manga

Ameri manga (also called " Ameri -manga " or " Ameri Manga " ), are comics that influences from Japanese anime and manga and by an American, Canadian, European or Asian comic artist, outside of the " CJK triangle " (China, Japan, Korea), especially Japan were created. While " Ameri Manga " is the oldest term for this work are due to the U.S. centric origin of the word and the increasing number of new series that are influenced by Japanese manga, but speaking audience made ​​for an English, instead now often used other expressions. The terms " Western Manga " or " world - Manga " as well as "pseudo - manga " or " emulation Manga " you can occasionally hear as a replacement name, but the term " OEL manga " or " Original English -Language Manga " is instead used more frequently.

Nevertheless, " OEL manga " criticism from some quarters received. According to some Western anime and manga otaku of this word would be an oxymoron, since the word "Manga " is a Japanese word, it would actually mean that the comic was published in Japan. Some of these people rely on an "American manga " instead of " manga Influenced Comics " (usually abbreviated as MIC ) should be repealed in effort, the ambiguity of the word " manga " to refer to works that were created outside of Japan. The anime news website Anime News Network currently uses the term " world - Manga " to describe these works in her column, titled "Right -Turn Only".

Ameri manga, like their predecessors, often show an artistic style characterized by large eyes, exaggerated hairstyles, body and other features is characterized, which can be found in the popular Japanese manga. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the term does not necessarily refer to an artistic style.

Ameri manga magazines

Shortly before its closure, published by the American manga publisher Studio Ironcat a magazine series called Ameri manga. A few of the titles in this compilation are since then in other formats, most notably Tokyopop published by other companies.

Other Ameri manga magazines are still published, including EigoMangas SakuraPakk and RumblePakk title; Mangazine and Shoujo. International Magazine of the same type include Britain Manga Mover and Sweatdrop; the Australian publication Xuan Xuan and Oztaku and the Canadian Magazine Kitsune.

Examples of Ameri Manga

  • Dreamwave Transformers
  • EigoMANGAs Rumble Pakk and Sakura Pakk series
  • Ben Dunn's Ninja High School
  • Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo
  • Marvel Comics " Mangaverse " Imprint
  • Fred Perry Gold Digger
  • Adam Warren's Dirty Pair series
  • Tommy Yunes Speed ​​Racer