OS -9 is a Unix-like real-time, multi-user, multitasking operating system.

It was originally developed by Microware Software (now under the name of RadiSys ) developed for the 8-bit 6809 processor from Motorola. However, later it was ported to the Motorola 68k architecture. It is now also a version called OS -9000 for Intel CPUs, Power PC, MIPS, SH3/SH4, X-Scale, etc. available.

OS-9 was and is relatively widespread in control systems (mostly on Motorola CPUs based ), eg for image processing.

Application Examples

  • The Philips CD -i player used, for example Microware OS-9 real-time
  • The navigation system CARIN MK1 by Philips, used OS-9/68K V2.4.0
  • The navigation system in the BMW 7 Series ( E38 ), 5 series (E39) and 3 (E46) used OS-9
  • Former process control systems of the German company IDS
  • There was this operating system for the Dragon 64 (Dragon Data Ltd, 8 -bit home computer, 1982 -. 84), there was a good at this time word processing program ( Stylograph ) and for the Tandy TRS -80 Color Computer 2
  • A project for the Atari XL
  • The Sound Sampler Fairlight CMI III (1985 ) based on OS-9, the new Fairlight CMI OS 9.1 based OS 9.1 on
  • The BOSCH vehicle system analysis device (BOSCH FSA) for workshops, including with a digital oscilloscope, using OS - 9 with a 68k architecture