Oscypek or Oszczypek (plural: Oscypki or Oszczypki ) is a Polish elastic hard cheese made from sheep's milk with a natural rind. This cheese is made for centuries after simple recipe. He is pressed into balls and hung out to dry and smoked on the ceiling of mountain huts. The cheese has a salty taste, a fat content of 40 to 60% and matures two to three months.

Oscypki only cheese may be called that of sheep farmers in the Tatra region ( Podhale ) are made of Zakopane. Since 2007 Oscypek is also an EU Protected Designation of Origin.

A very similar sheep's milk cheese is known as Oštiepok in Slovakia. Similar Polish cheeses (but made ​​from cow's milk) are Golka and the smaller Redykołka.