Oswegatchie River

High Falls on the Oswegatchie River

The Oswegatchie River is a right tributary of the St. Lawrence River in the northwest of the State of New York.


The Oswegatchie River originates at Wolf Mountain at an altitude of about 550 m. It flows initially in a northerly direction. The High Falls on the Oswegatchie River ( ⊙ 44.068532-74.90999 ) are located along the river. The Oswegatchie River turns later to the east and discharges into a western arm of Cranberry Lake, a reservoir. He leaves it at its north end below the Cranberry Lake Dam. Shortly thereafter, the flow to the Chaumont Pond is dammed. Further downstream there are other smaller reservoirs on the Oswegatchie River: Browns Falls Reservoir and Flat Rock reservoir. The Little River flows into the southern end of Flat Rock reservoir. The Oswegatchie River flows predominantly in a north-westerly direction. He passed the places Fine and Edwards. He turns in connection to west and occupies the West Branch Oswegatchie River on the left side. The river flows through the town governor and forms after a 15 km long river loop towards the west southwest from. After the sharp bend he continues to flow in a predominantly north-easterly direction. The towns of De Kalb and Heuvelton lie on the river bank. The outflow of the westerly Black River empties into the Oswegatchie River, which is dammed up shortly afterwards on Eel Weir. The last 8 km, the river flows in a northerly direction and empties into Ogdensburg in the flowing northeast St. Lawrence River. The Oswegatchie River has a length of 220 km.


The Oswegatchie River above the confluence with the West Branch Oswegatchie River is also known as East Branch Oswegatchie River. Previous names of the river are Ossawagotchie River and Rivière de la Présentation.

Hydropower plants

On the river there are numerous hydropower plants. Brookfield Power operates 9 of them.

The hydropower plants in downstream direction: