Otto Stuppacher

Otto Stuppacher ( born March 3, 1947 in Vienna, † August 13, 2001 ) was an Austrian racing driver.

The beginnings of the career

Stuppacher only began at the age of 22 years with the active motorsport. In 1969, he played sporadically hillclimb and international sports car racing, but scoring any major success.

In Formula 1

Without the necessary driving experience or experience Stuppacher was reported together with his compatriot Karl Oppitzhauser, by the Austrian racing team ÖASC racing for the Grand Prix of Austria 1976. Opitz Hauser should have a March 761 Cosworth drive, Stuppacher a Tyrrell 007 -Cosworth. The organizers rejected both nominations because he thought the pilot for too inexperienced. Stuppacher, which thus did not want to resign, tried in sequence a petition in the paddock to organize to secure his participation. The action failed because among the drivers and managers nobody knew Stuppacher closer.

At the Italian Grand Prix in Monza tried it again ÖASC Racing and Stuppacher. This time he was admitted by the organizers, but failed at the qualification. Stuppacher lost in training over 13 seconds to the pole position, and even the last place still missing almost eight seconds. Nevertheless, the Austrians would have come almost to his first Formula 1 race. After training, the two McLaren drivers Jochen Mass and James Hunt and the Penske driver John Watson were deprived of their times because of irregular gasoline. Stuppacher could move up for the race. But the Austrians had already departed on Saturday after training in the direction of Vienna and not managed in time to return to the start in Monza.

In spite of previous failures ÖASC and Stuppacher dug deep into their bag to stand in the next races in Canada and the United States. In the Canadian Mosport Stuppacher again lost more than twelve seconds to the time in qualifying and could not qualify. Some pilots tried during training runs unsuccessfully to influence Stuppacher and the organizer, voluntarily give up or waive Stuppacher because they saw a hazard to other pilots in it.

In Watkins Glen, the farce continued as expected. This time Stuppacher lost over 27 seconds to the pole position. Of course, this was not enough to qualify.

At the end of the season in Fuji Stuppacher renounced then reasonably.

This Stuppacher was reported for three Formula 1 Grand Prix but did not participate in any race.

According to the formula 1

After 1976, neither the ÖASC Racing Team still Stuppacher have remained an active participant in car racing.

August 13, 2001 Otto Stuppacher was found dead in his apartment in Vienna. He was buried on Hernalser cemetery.

Le Mans results

Quote about Otto Stuppacher

  • " It is a pity. Stuppacher Hunt would be able to stop for me. The thanks of Austria had been there certainly him. " ( Niki Lauda Stupp Aher Not qualifying at Mosport )