Ouzoud Falls

The Ouzoud Falls (Arabic شلالات أوزود schallālāt Ūzūd, double Cascades d' Ouzoud ) are waterfalls in the Middle Atlas, near the village of Ouzoud in the province of Azilal, 150 km northeast of Marrakech. They are considered the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Morocco.

Ouzoud is the Berber language, the word for olive and refers to the olive trees near the falls.

The waterfalls fall into several floors of 110 meters above the red rocks. The banks of the waterfalls are overgrown with fig trees and jungle-like lianas. On a walk you can get to the top of the waterfalls and up a steep path on the right side of the falls down. You can cross the river and reach the normal way on the stairs back up the bottom with a small ferry.

Above the falls there are some mills that are still in operation. At dusk, monkeys can be observed.