Ox Emerson

  • Portsmouth Spartans (1931-1933)
  • Detroit Lions (1934-1937)
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (1938 )
  • NFL 1930s All- Decade Team
  • Detroit Lions All Time Team
  • University of Texas Hall of Fame (1966 )
  • Greater Austin Sports Foundation 's Hall of Honor (1993 )
  • 6x All- Pro ( 1932-1937 ) 1 2 team
  • Won 1x NFL Championship

Conner Gover " Ox " Emerson, ( born December 18, 1907 in Douglass, Texas, † November 26, 1998 in Austin, Texas) was an American Football player. He played mainly as a guard in the National Football League ( NFL).


College career

Emerson played in 1929 at the University of Texas at Austin. At his college he joined the Guard to use. In 1931 he had his college career after the usual three years of study end, as he had in 1928 already played two games for another team.

Professional career

From 1931 to 1938 Emerson played in the NFL, first to 1933 for the Portsmouth Spartans, who had him and two other players the Longhorns made ​​a contract offer. Emerson played after moving the team to Detroit until 1937 for the Detroit Lions. 1931 Emerson earned $ 75 per game. 1935 was the Lions win the NFL championship 26-7 against the New York Giants. In Detroit he played until 1937. 1938 Emerson ran again for a year for the Brooklyn Dodgers for a salary of $ 150 per game and finished after his playing career. Wealthy Emerson could not be made, the $ 75, which he earned in his first game years, nor the $ 150, which paid him the Dodgers, corresponded to the usual payment of a multiple All-Stars.


Emerson is a member of the NFL 1930s All- Decade Team and the Detroit Lions All Time Team. 1932 to 1937 he was chosen in each case to the All- Pro. It is located in the Hall of Fame of his university, as well as in the Greater Austin Sports Foundation 's Hall of Honor and in 1930 was elected its colleges in the All-Time team of the Football Conference (Football League ).


Emerson worked after his career, first at the Ford Company and joined the United States Navy in 1942 and served there as a Lieutenant Commander. His ship, the USS Block Iceland was doing sunk by a German U- boat. Emerson was able to escape on a boat. He and other sailors were rescued after several hours by a destroyer. During his time in the military, he trained a local military team. His coaching career he continued later at the High School and from 1951 to 1956 continued at his old college. After 1976 ended his coaching career, he worked as a teacher. In 1985, he went into retirement. He is buried at the Cook - Walden Capital Parks Cemetery and Mausoleum in Austin.