Ozaki Kōyō

Ozaki Koyo (Japanese尾崎 红叶, real name: Ozaki Tokutaro (尾崎 徳 太郎), born January 10, 1868 in Shiba, Edo (now Minato, Tokyo ); † October 30, 1903 ) was a Japanese writer.

Ozaki founded 1885, the literary society Ken'yūsha. From 1889 he wrote for the magazine Yomiuri Shimbun, where several of his works first appeared. He published in 1895 the story Aobudō and 1898, the novel Tajo Takon, where he wrote one of the first for this genre rather than in the classic Japanese in the standard language - de aru style. From 1897 on, he worked on the novel Konjiki yasha, which he left unfinished, and the multi- formed the basis for plays, films and songs later.