Pablo Records

Pablo Records is a company founded by Norman Granz American jazz label.

History of the record label

Pablo Records was founded in 1973 by Granz, who had sold his 1962 record label Verve Records MGM Records. Pablo Records Granz had named after his favorite painter Pablo Picasso. To fund his new label, Granz had to sell some of Picasso works. From Pablo Records released artists were especially Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass. These were followed by recordings of Count Basie, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie and Sarah Vaughan, as well as revisions of Clef/Norgran- and Verve recordings, such as The Tatum Group Masterpieces Vol 5 (1975). Mid-1970s was also attended by Milt Jackson and Paulinho da Costa for Pablo on. Especially noteworthy is the extensive documentation of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1977, the release of live recordings by Muddy Waters, the JATP All-Stars and John Coltrane ( Afro Blue Impressions, 1963) and the re-release of the Works of Art Tatum (Complete Group Masterpieces ). In 1987, the label of Fantasy Records was acquired, after the date issued unreleased recordings under the label Pablo.


" I remember, I saw Norman Granz from a meeting coming up with sales managers of the big record companies, the sales Pablo Records here in the country. The sales manager had had concerns because of a particular album by the pianist Tommy Flanagan only 3000 units had been sold. ' So what? ' She yelled at Granz. ' If 3000 people have joy of Tommy Flanagan's music, why not let them come? ' "