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Padborg ( German stalemate Castle ) is a place and a border station in Jutland close to Flensburg, Germany. It is located in the district of Region Syddanmark (formerly Southern Jutland Office) and in the municipality of Aabenraa.

Originally Padborg was only an inn on the Ancient Road west of the church village of Bov. Only with the construction of the railway line Flensburg- Fredericia in the 1860s was the village. Here, since the railway line Padborg Tørsbøl teed to Sønderborg, the place was an important junction north of Flensburg. The drawing of the German - Danish border of 1920 made ​​Padborg the frontier town - at first the site was officially written Paddeborg. Although the railway lost to Sønderborg in importance, and in 1936 the section Padborg Tørsbøl was adjusted. But the importance grew as a hub for road transit traffic. The station was moved further north and some received some importance as a border station.

Padborg is the seat of Dangaard Telecom. Dominating is still the forwarding industry. The older the district east of the station is a however modest place to shop today.

In Padborg are three kindergartens and elementary schools ( including a German kindergarten and a German school ), and the Museum of the municipality of Bov.

Northwest of Padborg is the 2.2 km long racetrack Padborg Park, take place on the weekends of the year at various different motorsport events. Highlights where they form the "Danish Touring Car Championship" as well as the long- distance races in the "Danish Endurance Championship" with up to 6 hours duration.

Adjacent to the site is still a small airfield.

In Padborg the Gendarmstien, a former control path, patrolled the Danish Gendarme 1920-1958 at the German - Danish border begins.

In Frøslev district is the former internment Frøslev, which is now partly used as a museum.


  • Niels -Peter Mørck (* 1990), football player
  • Günter wide Ling ( born 1935 in Haderslev ), theologian
  • Ralph Oppenhejm (* 1924, † 2008), writer