Aabenraa Municipality

Aabenraa municipality or Aabenraa Kommune ( German: Aabenraa Kommune ) is a municipality in Region of Southern Denmark, located in the city of Aabenraa ( German: Aabenraa ). It was created on 1 January 2007 by the merger of the municipalities

  • Aabenraa ( German: Aabenraa ) ( 128.68 km ²)
  • Rødekro ( German: Roth pitcher)
  • Lundtoft
  • Bov ( German: Construction )
  • Tinglev ( German: Tingleff )

The municipality has 59208 inhabitants (as of 2013) in an area of ​​940.70 km ². Since the local elections of 2005, the municipality is governed social democratic.

Villages in the municipality

The municipal area, the following villages are more than 200 inhabitants ( byer as defined by the Danish Bureau of Statistics ), with a registered population of zero, the place in the past had more than 200 inhabitants. Bjerndrup had for the first time in 2011, less than 200 inhabitants, in the table, this is marked A.

Community partnerships

Aabenraa entertains with four Nordic and a German city partnerships:

  • Hønefoss in the municipality of Ringerike (Norway )
  • Lohja in Finland
  • Skagaströnd in Iceland
  • Växjö in Sweden
  • Cold churches in Schleswig -Holstein